WWDC 2018 – Apple TV 4K to Get Dolby Atmos, New Content & More!

By Novak Bozovic / June 5, 2018

For a long time now, Apple TV seemed to exist on the outskirts of Apple's lineup of products. The company never gave up on this product category, and it looks like it finally managed to offer something that millions of users are going to love. The Apple TV 4K is about to get numerous useful updates, so let's take a closer look.

Apple TV 4K: The Latest WWDC 2018 Announcements

In case you have been following our WWDC 2018 live blog, you've probably read that the Apple TV business has grown 50% year-over-year. Even though Apple doesn't provide exact numbers, we have to say that we're surprised by this information. It seems like Apple has managed to build viable competitors to devices like Amazon Fire TV and Roku Ultra.

This isn't the end of the road for the current Apple TV 4K model. Instead, the Cupertino-based company has announced a few exciting features. Keep on reading to learn more.

Dolby Atmos Support

The current offer of media streamers ranges from around $30 to more than $200. As you know, the Apple TV 4K is in the upper price range, as it offers top-of-the-line specs. Among those specs is the support for Dolby Vision which is the cutting edge HDR standard for high-definition TVs.

Apple TV 4K Dolby Atmos

In case you own Apple TV 4K, you should know that Dolby Atmos is coming your way. In case you have a compatible surround sound system, be prepared to be blown away by the power of Atmos. To help you take advantage of this technology, the company is upgrading all supported titles with Atmos automatically. Once this happens, iTunes will become the biggest store of movies and TV shows that support Atmos and Vision at the same time.

Zero Sign-On

Thanks to the power of your Apple ID, Apple TV is currently boasting a very simple sign-on. This means that you need to sign to your Apple TV the first time you power it on, and you'll see all your subscriptions and apps automatically. However, an even more straightforward sign-on process is coming soon.

Called 'Zero Sign-On,' this technology will automatically detect subscriptions without you having to provide your account information. In the beginning, this process will work for the existing customers of Charter Spectrum. As explained during Apple's WWDC keynote, this process works by detecting your subscription via the broadband connection feeding into your Apple TV. You have to agree that this sounds incredibly convenient, right?

Plenty of New Content

Streaming devices are currently mostly used by cord-cutters. This is also where we come to the most significant roadblock of this type of devices and that it the lack of quality content. However, things have tremendously improved in the area in the last year.

Apple TV 4K Apps

Apple has been working with media companies from all around the world on finding new sources of content. As a result, you should get more than 100 additional video channels in the TV app. Depending on where you live, you might even get some of the most popular TV channels, like Channel+ in France.

New Screensaver Options

Even though this definitely doesn't look like a significant addition, Apple is also introducing some fantastic new screensavers. You will get to see beautiful places from all around our planet, alongside their names and other essential information.

Apple TV 4K Screensaver

The company has even teamed up with the International Space Station to deliver a new screensaver option that gives an incredibly sharp view of the entire planet. This means that every time this screensaver is on, you'll get to see a different part of the Earth.


Finally, we also shouldn't forget about a whole series of smaller features. Once tvOS 12 becomes available, here's what you can expect:

Apple TV 4K Control Center Controls

Final Thoughts

Even though the list of new Apple TV 4K features isn't big (especially in comparison to the new features of MacOS Mojave), we still feel that Apple has done a fantastic job. Having access to Dolby Atmos will most certainly give a competitive edge to this device, and positively influence its future success. To see all these features in action, we'll have to wait until the autumn of 2018.

What are your thoughts about these new Apple TV features? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to share this article with other Apple TV users. Thanks!

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