Apple Addresses The ‘Sticky Key’ Problem of MacBook Pro Keyboards

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated June 16, 2021

With many users claiming that new MacBook Pro keyboards are quieter, tech website iFixit decided to do a full teardown of the latest generation MacBook Pros to test user claims. The teardown revealed that Apple has been adding a layer of silicone membrane in the laptops to prevent dust crumb contamination.

With a lot of recent controversy surrounding the quality-control of MacBook Pro notebooks, Apple has finally decided to provide a response. However, the keyboard in the newer models is otherwise unchanged, which makes it unclear if the addition of silicone membrane makes a difference long-term. The Retina MacBook laptops were also found with faulty keyboards, but there have been no reports of Apple including the silicone membrane protection for new units of the non-Pro MacBooks yet.

The addition of a silicone membrane was expected with Apple filing a patent back in March that revealed the company’s plan to make changes to the keyboards on MacBook Pros. The patent describes a gasket being added below the keyboard to help 'funnel' any dust or contaminants and protect sensitive parts of the keyboard. The membrane prevents dust and crumbs from making any contact with the keyboard even if they manage to seep in through the minor gaps below each key.

Apple did not receive any complaints regarding the MacBook keyboards until 2015 when the Butterfly keyboards were introduced on MacBook devices and were found to be faulty. After facing a lawsuit in the Northern California District court by law firm Girard Gibbs who represented MacBook Pro owners Kyle Barbaro and Zixuan Rao, Apple decided to fix the MacBook keyboards for free. Users who had their keyboards replaced are likely to have received silicone membrane-protected units that are included in the new Apple laptops.

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