Apple Finally Agrees to Fix MacBook Keyboard for Free

By Deepak Parihar / June 24, 2018

About a year back, when the internet was flooding with complaints on Apple’s keyboard, it became apparent that redesigning of MacBook and Mackbook Pro’s keyboard in 2016 wasn’t a good move.

The amusing thing was that there wasn’t just one issue with the keyboard but multiple. Some people complained about their popped-out keys, some about stammering stuck ones, and others for non-responsive blackies. The complaints took time to come out as people were confused if the malfunctioning keys were their own spilling fault, or Apple's.

Apple took advantage of user's first reaction, which is almost always to blame themselves for whatever goes wrong with the product. But, the confusion finally broke out. This Friday, Apple acknowledged that both MacBook Pro and MacBook do have an issue in certain models, where certain keys feel sticky and fail to respond.

As a consumer, it was shocking that it took the number one tech company in the world a year and a lawsuit to officially acknowledge their faulty design. Apple after this seemingly long gap agreed to not only fix the issue for free but also reimburse the cost if they have charged you in past to fix the same. Apple has officially released a list of eligible models that come under this program (the list is at the end of this article).

In case you have an issue with your keyboard, you can take your laptop to a retail store or authorized service provider, or simply mail them your faulty laptop. Apple has put out in their official acknowledgment that they will first confirm if the fault was due to a manufacturing error or customer’s own fault. They will accordingly replace buttons or swap the entire keyboard. Nonetheless, you should not expect a quick service, as this process might take up to three days. So make an arrangement to be without your laptop for a few days.

Apple has also promised to cover laptops regardless of their warranty status. The company specified that the laptops from four years after the original purchase date are eligible to apply for this program.

The keyboard is the latest issue in the long series of mistakes that Apple has been copping for years. Remember when iPhone 4 users came out complaining about their signal lost? The Silicon Valley came out and suggested that the users might be holding their phones wrong, and eventually distributed bumpers to cancel the issue. The other recent acknowledgment was Apple's absurd explanation to tune down iPhone’s performance in exchange to preserve battery life. In the end, Apple lost and offered a discounted battery replacement plan.

A promise to fix keyboards has given a much-awaited peace of mind to Macbook users. It will be interesting to see if Apple will again choose design over functionality in its future products or will continue to cause semi-regular headaches.

The eligible models to get the fix includes:

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