Analysts Still Believe that the Lack of 5G Will Undermine iPhone 11 Sales

By Bill Toulas / September 17, 2019

Although everyone expects Apple fans to buy the new iPhone, and no matter the fact that the 5G technology is still in its early genesis stage, analysts maintain their prediction that iPhone 11 will be a market failure. iPhone sales have been dropping since 2018, with many users realizing that they could keep on using their older models and miss out on the “new and exciting” updates that were basically incremental. Their iPhone 6, SE, 7, and 8 are still pretty great when it came to daily use cases, browsing, connecting on social media, taking pictures, etc.

All that said, some like to upgrade to the latest and greatest awesomeness that comes out of the minds in Cupertino, or just have to upgrade after their previous device broke. For those who have been upgrading systematically, the value of their iPhones played a key role in doing so. Selling your one or two-year-old iPhone could bring you around 40%-60% of the money required to buy the latest model, and iPhones were known to hold that value very well throughout time. After all, they are high-quality hardware running on continuously updated software (iOS).

However, analysts now believe that the lack of 5G support will make the depreciation of the iPhone 11 lineup a lot worse than it has ever been. Sure, 5G is here only as an experiment, but it will be really here by next year, and it is expected to change everything by 2021. What will the value of an iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be then? Who is going to “invest” in this model right now, betting that 5G will never take off as a technology while knowing that next year’s model will almost certainly support it?

On the other side, Android is expected to experience a small growth thanks to the anticipated boost that it’s going to take from new devices. There’s a lot of innovation driven by fierce competition among device manufacturers in the Android ecosystem, who all try to grab a piece from a pie that has stopped growing. All that said, the device that makes sense buying right now is the “basic” iPhone 11, which is good enough for those who want to experience the new “night mode” and wide-angle photography, as well as the new performance and battery life improvements that come with the Bionic A13.

Are you buying the new iPhone 11, or are you planning to stay with an older model until a 5G model is out? Let us know in the comments below, or join the discussion on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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