Amazon Presented New Echo, Ring, and a Cloud Gaming Service Named ‘Luna’

By Bill Toulas / September 25, 2020

Amazon has announced the next generation of its smart products, including a new Echo speaker and a new Ring security camera. However, most excitingly, the tech giant has surprised everyone with its very own cloud gaming service with multi-platform support called ‘Luna,’ a dedicated controller, and hundreds of game titles to cover any taste.

The fourth-generation of the Echo is spherical, featuring a light strip at the bottom. Design-wise, Amazon’s new smart speaker looks more harmonized to its surroundings, as the light isn’t in the foreground anymore.

Amazon promises better sound quality, as well as local audio processing, which enables the device to recognize your requests quicker. To achieve this, the new Echo users a new module called “AZ1 Neural Edge,” able to filter out false commands in milliseconds. The cost for the Echo 4th gen has been set to $99.99.

amazon echo

Source: Amazon

The new Ring home security cam called the "Always Home Cam", features an autonomous drone that can fly inside your house. The drone sits upon a charging dock, so it returns automatically to it once the battery reaches low levels.

Users can set viewpoints and patrol paths or let the device operate fully autonomously in their homes. The new Ring will be made available by the start of 2021, at the cost of $249.99.

The ‘Luna’ cloud gaming service is entering a crowded space, confirming that the field is super-hot. The platform supports PC, Mac, FireTV, iPhone, and iPads (through web apps on Safari), while an Android version will be made available when the project exits the beta stage. For now, it’s only available to US-based customers, and Amazon hasn’t clarified if they’re planning to enter the international market soon or not.

The service costs $5.99 per month during this early access stage, offering unlimited hours of play, two-device simultaneous streaming, and 1080p at 60 fps. Amazon promises 4K to arrive soon, while the already impressive game title library will continue to grow too. For this purpose, there’s a partnership with Ubisoft, who is introducing exclusive titles for ‘Luna,’ like “Far Cry 6” and “Assassins Creed Valhalla.”

game list

Source: Amazon

The service has its own dedicated ‘Luna Controller,’ which connects directly to the cloud gaming service and ensures data transfer latency between 17 and 30 milliseconds. There’s nothing to set up, and no pairing required - you just pick the controller and play.

The ‘Luna Controller’ costs at $49.99, but other controllers like the Xbox and the DualShock 4 will be supported by the service as well.

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