ACE Takes Down and

  • ACE is at it again, seizing the domains of two popular Latin IPTV pirating service platforms.
  • The platforms were offering thousands of channels and popular TV series for a few dollars per month.
  • The global piracy scene is nowadays taking more blows than what it can cover, but it remains strong.

ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) continues its fight against pirating platforms, and we are reporting their little or bigger wins on a daily basis. This time, they have brought down and The websites are now redirecting to the ACE website, as it happens when a domain is seized by them. This means that both of the popular pirating IPTV platforms have reached the end of the road, and it’s implausible that we will see them recover or move to a new domain. When ACE targets a platform, they do so methodically, and usually, arrange the arrest of the operators too. was mainly serving the Brazilian audience, offering 1000 standard definition channels for as low as $4.5 per month. The service also offered a more premium choice called “the master package”, which included 13000 SD, HD, and FullHD channels for $9.7 per month. The was also a glorified and renown platform in the piracy scene, which has been around since 2015. This service streamed popular shows like The Walking Dead, Prison Break, and the Game of Thrones, so naturally, it enjoyed a pretty sizable supporting community.

All of this is added on top of the recent closure of the Openload, Streamango, and StreamCherry file-hosting platforms, the shutting down of the Kodik, Moonwalk, and HDGO CDNs (content delivery networks), and the seizure of the,,, and IPTV service platforms. If that sounds like a lot, remember, this is only what ACE managed to achieve in less than a month, and that’s pretty impressive. While big players always faced legal trouble, piracy in general never had to deal with a pressing environment of this magnitude, so ACE is really making the difference. That said, pirates are trying to find alternatives that are still operational or new platforms that pop up as replacements.

As a website, we do not promote piracy, so we can’t directly provide you with URLs to pirated content. However, it is true that ACE still has much work to do, as there are at least 30 major streaming platforms still serving those in need. With all that is going on right now, we can say that the disruption for piracy is real. ACE has caused a disturbance, and is definitely playing a pivotal role in proactive prevention through discouragement. Let’s wait and see what they have up their sleeve for next week.

Do you think that piracy can really be contained at this point, and is ACE likely to achieve this? Let us know in the comments down below, or on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.



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