Zoom Announced the Launch of Its “Hardware as a Service” Program

  • Zoom calls companies to consider renting teleconferencing equipment from them and launches a new program.
  • The hardware manufacturers that will support the HaaS program include DTEN, Neat, Poly, and Yealink.
  • Zoom takes covers maintenance, installation, replacement, upgrades, and issue resolving.

Zoom Video Communications, the American teleconference software firm that quickly grew into a giant during the past six months is now launching a “hardware as a service” (HaaS) program. The firm wants to make top-tier hardware solutions for telecommunication and video conferencing accessible to more companies, starting with those based in the United States. This will be a subscription-based service offering budget-friendly solutions that enable organizations to access Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms without having to dedicate substantial financial resources to acquire top-quality hardware.

Zoom sees great potential in affordable HaaS programs, as jumping over the barrier of upfront costs is the key that unlocks this business plan. To make the offering alluring, they are partnering with leading hardware solution providers such as DTEN, Neat, Poly, and Yealink. For smaller businesses, this equipment has prohibitive costs. For medium to larger organizations, there’s the consideration of using the available budget elsewhere, while also getting absolved from the need of having to deal with technical problems, upgrades, maintenance, etc.

Zoom offers full support for its HaaS solutions, promising uninterrupted services, immediate installation, and 24/7 support. They even promise to send new or replacement devices even before the swapped ones are shipped back to them to ensure zero downtimes.

And then there’s the factor of scalability, which is always a pain. Organizations often have to scale up or scale down, and you can never predict when or how often this need will arise. Take the recent COVID-19 outbreak, for example, and how it caught many companies unprepared.

Most of these entities would cherish the versatility that comes through HaaS solutions, as they would simply call Zoom and ask them to adjust the volume of devices they need in the office. Being flexible and lean can make the difference between staying in business or going bankrupt. So the costs for the acquisition of pro-grade teleconferencing equipment are not one to ignore.

As for the subscription cost, it depends on what and how many devices you need to use. The two tables for Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms hardware below will give you an idea of what to expect. The costs are for one device per month and do not include software licensing costs.

Source: Zoom

Source: Zoom

Zoom states that it will update its equipment lists as frequently as every three years, ensuring that its HaaS subscribers will be using the latest and greatest communication technology.



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