YouTube TV is Finally Available All Over the US Ahead of 2019 Super Bowl

  • Google is finally on the verge of completing a 100% rollout of YouTube TV in the US since its launch in 2017.
  • YouTube TV has parented with a number of local and national broadcasters to offer as much content as possible.
  • It is estimated that over 1 million users are currently using the service.

YouTube TV was launched two years ago in April 2017, but it was available only in select regions in the US. The rollout is nearly complete, and the streaming service is finally available throughout the country. Google is completing its expansion just in time for this year’s Super Bowl. The rollout has been a time-consuming process primarily due to the tech giant spending time making deals with local affiliate stations as well as nationwide broadcasters including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

YouTube TV will also be offering complete local coverage in over 90% of markets in the US. The monthly plans are costlier by $5 since last March, but the company is confident about the service’s launch. According to a report, there were over 300,000 subscribers at the start of 2018, and it went up to 800,000 by July. It is estimated that over a million users are subscribed to YouTube TV, but there are no official numbers confirming it.

YouTube TV will currently set you back by $40 per month for over 60 TV networks, unlimited DVR and up to 6 users per account. There are also a number of timed partnerships to look out for so you can expect content from the likes of NBA and MLB during their seasons.

The service has been fairly consistent when it comes to uptime with just a couple disruptions in the previous year during the World Cup and once in October. YouTube TV also became the first streaming partner for the NBA Finals in March 2018, and we can expect Google to maintain its partnerships with major broadcasters to keep the service alive for its users. With stiff competition from the likes of Hulu and DirecTV, it remains to be seen of Google’s platform is able to make it into people’s home TVs.

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