YouTube Ripper Websites FLVTO and 2conv Hit Back at Record Labels

By Nitish Singh / October 29, 2018

YouTube ripper websites allow internet users the ability to download audio or video to their devices directly off YouTube. The video sharing platform inherently does not have any download feature unless you subscribe to the premium memberships and even so, these ripper websites prevent artists from earning money from ad revenue. Multiple music labels including Universal, Warner Bros, and Sony had sued FLVTO and 2conv, which are two of the most popular ripper websites out there.

Both FLVTO and 2conv are owned by the same Russian operator, who has called out the music labels for forgetfulness and that they are absurd with their claims. With many defendants accused of piracy choosing to not take up fights against big labels, the operator of the two YouTube ripper websites does not seem like he will give up without a fight.

Currently, it is being argued if the FLVTO and 2conv operator Mr. Kurbanov can be tried in court in the US or Russia. The music labels have argued that “even though Defendant’s Websites were registered through Arizona registrar – jurisdiction is proper in Virginia because Verisign, Inc. oversees the entire top-level .com domain and Neustar, Inc. oversees the entire top-level .biz domain.”

On the other hand, the operator’s defense argued that he should not be standing trial at all unless the court decides so. Kurbanov’s lawyers have argued that “Plaintiffs seem to have a touch of amnesia, forgetting that they brought a near-identical lawsuit two years ago in the Central District of California where they argued that jurisdiction was proper in part because, they alleged, that was ‘where several Plaintiffs are located and/or maintain substantial business operations’”.

The FLVTO and 2conv operator’s defense believes that the only reason the plaintiffs want to move the lawsuit to Virginia is that of the court’s speedy resolution of cases under the jurisdiction. Both parties have presented a number of arguments, and unlike others accused of piracy, Kurbanov seems to be ready with a solid defense.

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