YouTube Audio Ripper Sites and Sued By Music Labels

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated September 27, 2021

Two websites based in Russia are being targeted by music labels for offering MP3 rips of YouTube videos illegally via servers hosted in Germany. and will be facing legal action from some of the biggest labels in the music industry which include Sony, Universal, Warner Bros and other labels. The music labels have been actively trying to put an end to piracy recently with multiple lawsuits filed against piracy websites.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance stated “The recording industry also notes many stream-ripping services believed to be sourced from Russia including, 2Conv, and (all three are essentially the same service operating from different domains). The sites provide downloads of converted YouTube videos to users as MP3 audio files (from servers in Germany)”.

Content from websites like YouTube, Deezer, and Spotify is easily exploitable with the right technical know-how and there are dozens of websites that allow users access to copyrighted content for free by ‘ripping’ them off of websites. These piracy websites eat away at possible revenue legitimate websites can earn, and it comes as no surprise that the music labels are acting against them.

The group of music labels filing the lawsuit has submitted a list of seventy websites that are being tracked due to their negative impact on the music industry which includes and The sites are known to generate large volumes of traffic with FLVTO generating more than 94 million visits from internet users every month. 2Conv is a much smaller website but still manages to rake in 23 million visitors each month through its YouTube ripping services. Both the websites have not been taken down yet as the case is still pending trial in court.

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