YouTube Ripper MP3Fiber Shut Down Following RIAA Complaint

By Nitish Singh / August 21, 2018

The music industry has been actively shutting down music piracy websites recently with great success. MP3Fiber is the latest victim of the music industry’s war against piracy. The site was widely used with millions of downloads from popular streaming websites including YouTube, Daily Motion, and SoundCloud.

MP3Fiber will not be facing any legal chargers after coming to a mutual understanding with the RIAA. The owner revealed “This site was actually run as a hobby. We spent more on servers then we ever made so did not want to get into any legal battles. We pretty much gave in to their demands without too many other thoughts.”

MP3Fiber Shutdown after RIAA Complaint and are two websites that were recently shut down before MP3-Fiber decided to stop its services to avoid legal penalties. The website received an RIAA complaint about ripping off content from YouTube and other legal websites and distributing audio files for free.

With online streaming services like Spotify and iTunes offering cheap plans for music streaming, YouTube-ripping websites have gone down in popularity considerably. Streaming published videos on YouTube allows licensed users to get paid on YouTube but using third-party tools to download music disrupts artists from earning. Many music industry members have been putting such websites under pressure, and MP3-Fiber is just one of the many websites to be on the hit list for the music labels.

The domain privacy service DomainsByProxy revealed the details of the owner of MP3-Fiber after pressured by the RIAA during their investigation. The details were given out without the presence of a court order, which brings the legality of the move to question. However, even via legal procedures, the YouTube-ripping website would not stand a chance against behemoths of the music industry.

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