Google May Implement Double Skippable Ads for YouTube Videos  

By Nitish Singh / November 22, 2018

Your YouTube binge-watching sessions may soon be affected with more ads as Google is preparing a number of changes for its video sharing platform. According to the tech giant’s findings, users seem to be quite sensitive to the frequency of ad-breaks during their video-watching sessions. Users who view a string of videos in a row seem to unhappier with ads compared to users who watch only a couple of videos at a time.

To address the issue, YouTube will be implementing a double-ad at the start of videos during longer viewing sessions. Users who binge on YouTube content will be greeted with fewer ads as they proceed to watch more videos. Currently, the change is in a testing phase, and it may or may not be implemented permanently on the platform. All double-ads can be skipped, and you can directly head to the content without being forced to sit through the commercials.

The move can reduce ad interruptions by up to 40% according to Google. During the initial testing phase, YouTube experienced up to 11% extra unique reach and up to 10% increase in frequency for advertisers. There has been no effect on Brand Lift metrics, and so far, the platform considers the move to be effective in the testing phase.

It’s not just ads that are changing on the video sharing platform. There are a couple of quality-of-life improvements headed to the platform as well. According to YouTube, a number of users prefer finding videos on their own instead of relying on being forced to stick to recommended content. The homepage is getting a facelift and will allow users to find new creators. Ads are also being changed on the platform with TrueView ads recommending videos to users instead of having users stick to commercial ads only. Ads are also being differently implemented for users who view content on their TVs instead of focusing on the mobile audience alone.

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