YouTube to allow Non-Skippable Ads for All Monetized Videos

  • Creators who are partnered with YouTube and earn revenue will be able to implement non-skippable ads for all videos in the near future.
  • The non-skippable ads were limited to few YouTubers only as a test run, and Google’s video sharing platform has decided to implement the ads for all users in the coming weeks.
  • The non-skippable ads can be implemented even on videos that have already been published.

Non-skippable ads were implemented by YouTube earlier this year for select YouTubers as a test run, and Google has now decided that it will be implementing the ads for all users. Anyone who uploads monetized videos on the video sharing platform will now be able to implement the new 15-20 seconds non-skippable ads. The ads will feature in both desktop and mobile devices and can play before, after or between videos depending on how they are implemented for each video.

Users who already have videos published on YouTube will be able to implement the ads. The new change is slowly rolling out to all users, and all eligible creators will receive a notification by next week on their account dashboard. As you might have guessed, non-skippable ads will pay much more in terms of revenue to creators to incentivize the new ad format. Just like before, Google will receive a cut from the ad-revenue and creators will receive the remaining amount.

To help creators implement the new change, YouTube is now allowing the removal and addition of non-skippable ads in bulk. YouTubers will also be able to track audience engagement in the advertisements through segregated data for skippable and non-skippable ads. Fortunate, you will not be forced to watch long advertisements as the Google has restricted the ads to 20 seconds only.

For YouTube creators to earn AdSense revenue, they need to be active for at least 6 months and be at least 18 years of age. The content needs to be advertiser-friendly, and users need to meet all criterion to start earning money from advertisements. You can check out the YouTube Partner program guidelines to know if you are eligible.

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