Hidden Feature in Facebook Enables Screen Time Monitoring

  • Facebook may finally allow users to find out how much time they spend on the platform with a new “Your Time on Facebook” feature on the platform.
  • With Apple and Google releasing screen time monitoring dashboards for their respective mobile OSs, Facebook may release a similar feature soon for the social media platform.
  • The feature is currently hidden in the Android version of the Facebook mobile app and the company has confirmed that it is a feature that is being worked on.

Social media addiction has become a major problem in recent years, and tech companies are trying to be responsible and allow users the option to control their time with technology. With companies like Apple and Google doing their bit to introduce screen time monitoring for their mobile OSs, Facebook will be releasing a similar feature for the social media platform. A new feature “Your Time on Facebook” was discovered hidden away in the latest version of the platform’s Android app.

Your Time On Facebook
Image Courtesy of TechCrunch

A spokesperson revealed that it is a feature that is being worked on by the social media giant as the company is trying to ensure users spend their time well on the platform. The feature will show how much time you spend on the social media platform and information is stored for only the past seven days. The new feature will also let you set time limits to restrict yourself from using the app too much. In case you want to go past the 7-day mark, Google’s Android P and Apple iOS 12 will allow you to monitor app usage more extensively.

The social media company is also trying to reduce the amount of clickbait content on the News Feed that often includes low-quality by eye-catching content which makes users spend more time on the platform. Passive browsing is seen as a problem by the platform while actively using the platform to communicate and interact with others can add to positive experiences on the platform.

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