Facebook’s Latest News Feed Update helps Local Publishers

By Aravindhsriram / March 26, 2018

Back in January, Facebook tested and rolled out a new update to prioritize local news in News Feed, which helps the user to connect with their local community and making them understand the activities or issues happening in their local area. These changes are first implemented in the US, but now, it is available globally.

What this means is that people will see more local news from the local publishers on their Facebook news feed from now on, all over the world. The expansion of this update to people in all countries, in all language, is because Facebook thinks that the local news can help the local readers understand what's happening around them. In other words, people can communicate and share their views about the local issues happening around them only if they see the local trends higher in their Facebook's News Feed.

Not only this, If a user is interested in multiple cities stories than their local news, then he probably suggested to get those cities publisher news first on their news feed. This is most likely to help the user to connect with the communities they really care about.

From the Zuckerberg update note, it is clear that Facebook to prioritize high quality trusted local news to a user to achieve more engagement. This comes after receiving a feedback from the user. However, unless people are connected to the local community, they will not get attention to the issue that's happening around them. To help you with this part, Facebook brought changes to their news feed, allowing the user to get more stories from news sources in their local town or city.

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