Yoshi Nintendo Switch Rumored To Be Released On June 29th

Written by Thoinot Arbeau
Last updated September 24, 2021

There are several interesting games which were announced for Nintendo Switch in the past year. However, the one that everyone talks about includes legendary character Yoshi as the protagonist. Creators introduced Yoshi Nintendo Switch for the first time at the E3 last year. Although no one from the officials still confirmed this fact, there are speculations among the fans that the game will be released in June.

According to Amazon ItalyFriday, 29th of June is the date when the game hits the stores. In Europe, Fridays are usually reserved for the new game releases.

Yoshi Nintendo Switch

Who Is Yoshi?

Yoshi Nintendo Switch is just another in the series of games that include this cute anthropomorphic dinosaur. It all started with the release of the legendary 1990's Super Mario World. Yoshi appeared there for the first time and stared at a sidekick to Mario and Luigi. This led to series of games that included Yoshi as the main character, slowly adding to his popularity. The adorable dinosaur won the hearts of many people worldwide. Nowadays, Yoshi stands right next to the Mario brothers when it comes to popularity.

Yoshi Nintendo Switch Is Not The Only New Game

Apart from Yoshi, there were several other games which were introduced for this platform in the last year's E3. The most prominent one, which fans expect the most is Kirby Star Allies which will be released probably on 16th of March. Just like Yoshi, Kirby is a popular character with series of games featuring him as the main character.

Final Thoughts

This piece of news is still new and nobody confirmed it. Therefore, you should not take it for granted. If you are really impatient to try this new game, follow us to find out the exact release date of the game. We will inform you as soon as the definite release date is announced.

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