Worldwide Torrents Suffers More Than Two Weeks of Downtime

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 14, 2021

While it is normal for websites to suffer a few hours of downtime or be taken down for maintenance but the disappearance of Worldwide Torrents for more than two weeks has left many users concerned. The website was launched two years ago and became widely popular due to the large pool of torrents it hosted with a clean user interface and active community. Users are preparing to move on to other websites following the extended downtime.

Worldwide Torrents was launched shortly after KickassTorrents was taken down and is known for its rare collection of comics. With the website redirecting to the default software hosting page since the start of the month, users have been left without a clue about what’s going on. Some anonymous sources revealed that the site is simply moving to a new hosting provider and the move was supposed to complete more than a week ago, but so far there has been no progress.

Popular uploader Nemesis43 revealed that there are some internal issues within the admin team at Worldwide Torrents and only one person is currently in charge of bringing the website back online. There are not enough details about the situation with both staff and users being kept in the dark. The uploader revealed “The whole problem has been a very non-communicative admin – who was left to deal with everything on his own. There has been zero communication from our admin – myself and others have mailed him with no response.”

The latest reports suggest that Worldwide Torrents is still on its way back but the amount of time it’ll take is still unknown. Nemesis43 has readied his backup, and if WWT does not come back up, he will be moving all of us uploads to ETTV. Some sources claim that WWT will be back up in a day and it’s only a matter of time until we know if the rumors about the website resurfacing are true.

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