Will the Price of iPhone 12 Drop Once iPhone 13 Comes Out? 

By Novak Bozovic / September 11, 2021

It’s September already, which means that another iPhone generation is just around the corner. So, you must be thinking about how to spend your money wisely because – let's admit it, iPhones aren't the most affordable piece of technology. With that said, if you're looking to save, getting an older-generation iPhone is always a good idea. So, the question is – will the price of the iPhone 12 drop once the iPhone 13 comes out? 

The answer is – yes, the iPhone 12 lineup will most certainly receive a discount. Still, know that not all iPhone 12 models will remain available for long. Keep on reading to learn more. 


Aside from considering your budget, there are other things to keep in mind. So, if you wonder if you should wait for the iPhone 13 or buy the iPhone 12, use the provided link to help you make up your mind, based on the list of pros and cons provided in that article.

How Much Does the Price of iPhones Drop Each Year? 

Before we give you our estimations on what might happen once the iPhone 13 comes out, it’s crucial to check the current situation. So, the following table will show you the current and original prices of the iPhone models that Apple sells right now.

Product Name Current Price  Original Price Price Reduction
iPhone 12 Pro Max $1,099.00 $1,099.00 (none)
iPhone 12 Pro $999.00 $999.00 (none)
iPhone 12 $799.00 $799.00 (none)
iPhone 12 Mini $699.00 $699.00 (none)
iPhone 11 $599.00 $699.00 $100.00
iPhone XR $499.00 $749.00 $250.00
iPhone SE $399.00 $399.00 (none)

As expected, the latest available iPhone generation is still sold at its original prices. That’s the situation every year, as Apple rarely adjusts the prices of the latest-gen iPhones. In other words, their prices typically remain the same until another iPhone generation comes out. 

However, you need to pay attention to the previous iPhone generations. With that said, you can buy the iPhone 11 (released in 2019) for $599 right now, which is a price drop of $100. And then, there’s the iPhone XR (released in 2018), priced at $499 (whose original price was $749). 

Therefore, we conclude that the previous iPhone generation gets a $100 price reduction once the next-generation iPhones come out. And also, Apple continues to sell a two-generations-old iPhone, reducing the price by $150 more, which comes out to $250 in total. 

So, How Much Will the iPhone 12 Be Priced Once the iPhone 13 Comes Out? 

Based on our analysis from above, we can now give estimations for 2021. So, check out the following table, and you'll see by how much the price of the iPhone 12 will drop once the iPhone 13 comes out (later this month). 

Product Name Before iPhone 13  After iPhone 13 Price Reduction
iPhone 12 Pro Max $1,099.00 Discontinued N/A
iPhone 12 Pro $999.00 Discontinued N/A
iPhone 12 $799.00 $649.00 - $699.00 $100 - $150
iPhone 12 Mini $699.00 Discontinued N/A
iPhone 11 $599.00 $449.00 - $499.00 $200 - $250
iPhone XR $499.00 Discontinued N/A
iPhone SE $399.00 $399.00 (none)

If Apple continues to follow its years-long strategy, the price of the iPhone 12 could drop to $649.99 (letting you save up to $150). Based on our educated guess, we don’t believe that we’ll see a lower price than that. And then, we have the iPhone 11, whose price might drop to $449.00 (letting you save up to $250 in comparison to its original price).

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max models, they will most certainly be replaced by the iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max models – without an option to buy the previous generation at a lower price. The same applies to the iPhone 12/13 Mini. 

So, what do you think? Is the pending price reduction of the iPhone 12 something you’re looking forward to? Let us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading! 

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