When Will Marvel’s Black Widow Be Free on Disney Plus?

By Novak Bozovic / March 24, 2021

Without any doubt – Marvel Studios' Black Widow will be free-of-charge on Disney Plus at some point. However, Disney has not provided any information regarding when that might happen, which is a bit of a letdown. Still, we can make some predictions on our own, so let's talk about the possibility of watching Black Widow for free on Disney Plus.

When to Expect Black Widow to Be Free on Disney+?

Based on how 'Premier Access' used to work in the past, we expect Marvel Studios’ Black Widow to be available free-of-charge in October 2021. And by "free-of-charge," we mean without you having to pay extra for 'Premier Access.' That means that you’ll still need to pay for your Disney Plus subscription

We also have to note that we feel very confident in our prediction. So far, Disney Plus has offered two movies via 'Premier Access,' and their timelines matched. Even though Marvel Studios' films are hugely popular globally, there is no reason to believe that Disney+ will take a different approach when it comes to Black Widow. 

Speaking on the previous 'Premier Access' titles, the first one was 'Mulan.' That film was released on September 4, 2020, and became the first 'Premier Access' title on Disney+ (priced at $29.99). The film became available for all Disney Plus subscribers (without the additional fee) on December 4, 2020. 

We also have a more recent example. 'Raya and the Last Dragon' is the latest 'Premier Access' movie, still available on Disney Plus for $29.99. It was released on March 5, 2021, but it will become available to all subscribers at no extra charge on June 4, 2021. If you need help visualizing all that information, let’s put it into a table. 

  'Premier Access' Release 'General' Release
Mulan September 4, 2020. December 4, 2020.
Raya and the Last Dragon March 5, 2020. June 4, 2021.
Marvel’s Black Widow July 9, 2021. October 8-9, 2021.

When’s the Earliest You Can Stream Black Widow?

As noted above, the earliest you can stream Marvel's Black Widow will be on July 9, 2021. Still, that will cost you, as this 'Premium Access' title will be hidden behind a paywall. In other words, aside from paying for your Disney Plus subscription, you'll also need to pay a one-time fee of $29.99. That gives you unlimited access to Black Widow, so you can watch the film as many times as you like. 

The big question here is this one – is $29.99 worth waiting three extra months to watch Marvel’s Black Widow? Well, there’s no correct answer to that question as $29.99 doesn’t have the same "weight" for everyone. However, in the end, it’s good to know that Black Widow will eventually be available for free on Disney Plus, so your patience will pay off.

So, will you wait for Marvel's Black Widow to be free on Disney Plus, or will you pay for 'Premium Access?' Let us know in the comments section below, along with any questions you might have. And finally, thank you for reading!

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