When Does Naruto Meet His Mom, Kushina Uzumaki?

By Samona Punjabi / January 27, 2022

Any Naruto fan worth their salt will tell you that Naruto was an orphan who his parents didn't raise. However, in this world of Ninjutsu, tailed beasts and reanimations, Naruto was inevitably going to make contact with his parents at some point. Fans will remember that Naruto met his father Minato Namikaze, AKA the Fourth Hokage, during his battle with Pain.

Distraught from the death and destruction, Hinata's collapse and the mention of Sasuke had Naruto enraged enough to transform into an unstable eight tails form. When Naruto was about to give in to his hate and open the seal, his father Minato Namikaze appeared to talk some sense into him.

Similarly, when Naruto is on Paradise Island with Killer B, Yamato, and the others, he encounters his mother, who also helps him out of a tough spot. Read on to discover when and how Naruto met his mother, Kushina Uzumaki.

What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Mom?

While on Paradise Island, Naruto asks Killer Bee to teach him how to control the Nine-Tails chakra to fight in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. After much convincing, Bee finally agrees to help him and takes him to a chamber behind the Waterfall of Truth where Naruto must fight the Nine-Tails once opening his seal. As the battle inside Naruto's mind begins, the Nine-Tails, aka Kurama, quickly overpowers the titular jinchuriki and almost takes control.

However, during the chakra tug-of-war and Naruto on the verge of giving up, a chakra imprint of Naruto's late mother, Kushina Uzumaki, shows up. Naruto meets his mother, Kushina, in episode 246 of Naruto: Shippuden. Kushina saves Naruto during his battle with the Nine-Tails, who also recognizes her since she was his former jinchuriki. Kushina, who Naruto initially assumes is an illusion, takes Naruto to another part of his mind where the Nine-Tails cannot intervene.

The two then talk and have an emotional reunion where Kushina tells Naruto how she came to meet his father and how they fell in love. Kushina also tells Naruto about the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha when he was born. She then tells Naruto that they didn't have a choice but to seal the Nine-Tails inside him since he's an Uzumaki like her.

Before fading away, Kushina thanks Naruto for being born and making her a mother. She tells him to take care of himself and everyone else around him, and for the first time in his life, Naruto learns what it feels like to have a mother. The encounter is genuinely one of the most touching sequences of the series.

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