How to Watch Superman in Order – Release Date and Series

By Gabriela Vatu / January 28, 2021

Superman is a character that millions of kids and adults love, and for a good reason, too - he may not be from this planet, but he'll do his best to save it. However, when it comes to watching the Superman movies, there are a few ways to go about things. 

Superman first appeared as a DC Comics character in 1938. That's over eight decades - eight decades in which the character's tale has been told and retold over and over, his universe expanded to include various other heroes, and so on. Now, when the world loves superheroes more than ever, mostly thanks to DC and Marvel, it's time to take a look back on this character. 

Born on Krypton, Superman is sent to Earth as a baby and raised by a couple who give him the name of Clark Kent. In time, he discovers he's incredibly strong, and his skin is bulletproof. Also, he can fly, which is pretty awesome. In order to protect his identity as he fights crime, he dons a red and blue suit and goes by the name of Superman. 

After the character's introduction in '38, a few animated shorts were released in the early '40s, with Bud Collyer voicing the character. Then, it all bloomed into a major franchise, which includes TV shows and feature films, and plenty more. 

We're going to focus on the Superman movies for our article and help you figure out how best to watch them all. We do have to say that watching all of them will take about 15 hours, so it's best to take a week out of it. 

How to Watch Superman Movies in Release Order?

One of the ways you can watch the Superman movies is in the order they were released. This will allow you to follow the character's progression over the years, witness how cinematography evolved, and learn lots of details about Superman's world. 

We know that Justice League is rather controversial due to how Superman is portrayed (we won't spoil it for you), but we included it since it is, after all, a film that features Superman, even if he is not the main character. 

How to Watch Superman Movies by Series?

Another way to watch Superman movies is by following the actor who put on the suit. 

Christopher Reeve Era 

Brandon Routh Era

Henry Cavill Era

Where to Watch Superman?

If you're looking for a way to stream Superman movies, then we're going to help you out, scanning the services for you. 

Superman Shows to Watch

The Superman franchise is more than just movies, of course. And while we know that comic books are the heart of it all, there are also a bunch of series that are worth watching. 

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