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How to Watch ‘ESPNU’ Online – Live Stream College Sports!

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated May 10, 2021

When it comes to watching sports, there are loads of exciting events to cover, including college athletics. If you love watching the best athletes before they go pro, then you will probably also really enjoy watching ESPNU, which is specifically designed to cover this type of event. Let's see how you can watch ESPNU online and save a lot of time.

ESPNU is a channel that was launched in 2005 as a way for ESPN to adequately cover college athletics, from football to basketball, swimming, and more. The channel is available in over 62,000,000 households across the United States, and it's also available in a lot more houses with the help of live TV platforms.

How Can I Live Stream ESPNU?

If we take into consideration all the time that we spend online every day and all the activities we have come to acknowledge as relying on the Internet, it makes perfect sense that we would also start watching TV online. It is simply the best way to do it as you can view the content you love anywhere you travel. One of the best live TV platforms that will help you watch ESPNU is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks for you to enjoy. The main plan features a lot of ESPN networks, including ESPNU. Start your 7-day free trial on Hulu today!

If you want even more content than they have to offer in the main bundle, you should know there are a couple of channel packs available, as well as several premium networks. Also, something you should know about Hulu's Live TV service is that, when you subscribe to it, you also get to enjoy everything available on-demand on the platform. (Note: Hulu is a service that works exclusively in the United States, so if you're going to travel anywhere in the world, you will need to use a VPN to watch any of the content. You can click here to find out more details about how you can do this easily.)

Here's how you can start your free trial of Hulu now:

Other Ways to Watch ESPNU Online

Sling TV - One of the services that can help you watch ESPNU is Sling TV, which has three bundles to choose from. ESPNU isn't actually part of any of these bundles, but it is present in the Sports Extra pack ($10/month) that goes with the Orange or the Orange + Blue plans. You should be aware of the fact that there are some differences between the two bundles, besides the channel combo and price. We're talking about the fact that Orange subscribers can only watch content on one device at a time, while Orange + Blue subscribers can watch on four devices simultaneously. Start your Sling TV subscription by saving money during the first month! There are also plenty of other channel packs and premium networks available for those who want more content.

YouTube TV - We also have YouTube TV on the list, and this is a really cool platform that has one bundle of networks available. There are no channel packs, but there is a long list of premium networks that you can try out. What's cool about YouTube TV is that all subscribers can watch content on up to three devices at the same time, and there is no limit on how many programs they can record to the Cloud, as the DVR storage space is unlimited.

How Can I Watch ESPNU When Traveling Outside of the United States?

Watching ESPNU when you travel anywhere in the world is going to be a little bit difficult because all the platforms that feature the channel are geo-blocked. It means that they are not allowed to broadcast content anywhere beyond US borders, so you will have to get a little creative if you want to watch anything from your subscriptions. Mainly, you will need to use a VPN that can change your IP address, so you appear to be back in the United States.

Doing so can be extremely helpful because it will help you bypass any other blockades you may encounter, as well. We can recommend ExpressVPN, which is a powerful and cool tool that has thousands of servers in all the corners of the world, including dozens in the United States.

Here's how you can use ExpressVPN to watch ESPNU everywhere:

Can I Watch ESPNU on the TV Network's Website?

Sure thing! You'll find that the ESPN website features streams for pretty much all of its channels, including ESPNU. You only have to visit the live stream page for the channel and log into an account. For you to do this, you'll need to use credentials from a TV provider. The provider can be a live TV service like the ones we discussed. For those who have yet to cut the cord or maybe use both cable and live TV at the same time, the provider can be the cable company. (Note: The ESPNU live stream is geo-blocked, which means it only works in the United States. Therefore, if you plan on traveling abroad, you'll need to use a VPN to make things work. Click here to find out how you can do this.)

What Can I Watch on ESPNU?

The popularity of ESPNU rises once major college sports leagues start their regular season. We're talking about Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship and NCAA conferences.  Still, this TV channel offers plenty of original programming as well, so here are some of the most popular titles you'll find right now:

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