How to Watch Disney Princess Movies in Order?

By Gabriela Vatu / April 7, 2021

One of the things everyone thinks about when they think of Disney is "princess." The Disney Princess universe has been growing and growing over the years, and we now have an impressive list of princesses that may or may not need saving. Let's see how we can watch Disney Princess movies in order. 

One of the best ways to go about watching Disney princess movies in order is to go about things by the date of release. In this way, you not only get to watch an evolution of Disney's princesses but also an evolution of animation over the decades. 

One thing we're going to point out, however, is that not all your favorite leading animated ladies are also part of the Princess list. For instance, Elsa and Anna do not fall under the Princess Line, as Disney calls it. So, we're going to take a look at two different lists - the official one and the unofficial one that we're all actually interested in watching. 

How to Watch Disney Princess Movies - Official List

Disney only has twelve official princesses, so we're only going to mention the movies that feature them. We're also including live-action films, shorts, and sequels because the world needs to watch more Disney princess movies.

We know that the Maleficent movies feature Maleficent as the main character. Still, Aurora appears a lot in both movies, and she is the center of Maleficent's affections and care, putting a twist on the original story. 

How to Watch Disney Princess Movies - Unofficial List

Now, for the second way to watch Disney Princess Movies, we're going to also include ladies who aren't part of the official Princess Line for reasons unknown. 

There you go! A full list of Disney princess movies you can enjoy, including those that for some reason hasn't been added to the official list - Anna, Elsa, and Giselle. 

Where to Stream Disney Princess Movies

When it comes to watching the Disney Princess movies, you'll have a pretty easy way to enjoy them all. As you can see below, Disney Plus is, for the most part, the home of all things Disney Princess. They even have a dedicated category where you can check them out. For the films that are not included there, you can run a search. Let's dive into things:

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