USTR Released Their 2018 Online Piracy and Marketplace ‘Naughty’ List

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on April 27, 2019

Every year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) releases a report that registers the progress made by countries in terms of the anti-piracy policy and regulations, along with a list of the most notorious markets for piracy and counterfeiting to look out for. The point of this is for the USA to set and communicate their targets with the rest of the world, compel governments to act according to their indirect instructions by “placing them in the watchlist”, help netizens identify the greatest dangers and risks online.

The 2018 list constitutes of the following entries: – Based in France, the website hosts illegal video game and other copyright-protected content, while it’s not responding to takedown requests. – Middle East and Europe pirating website that offers illicit satellite-backed streaming. – Indonesian online marketplace that featured high counterfeit listing rates. – Singapore-based e-commerce platform selling mostly counterfeit products. – Poland’s most popular pirating material hosting provider. – Chinese B2B platform that is characterized by high counterfeit volumes, lax seller registration policy, enablement of money laundering, etc. – Russian unauthorized 3rd-party server that hosts online games that are subscription based, but visitors can plat for free.

FlokiNET – Unresponsive hosting provider who won’t remove infringing content. and – The notorious Russian stream-ripping websites that copyright holders failed to convict in the US courts. and – Illicitly movie streaming piracy platforms.

Concepts B.V. - Marketplace of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. and – Indonesian pirating platform that responds to takedown requests but has no upload filtering mechanisms in place. and – Russian streaming link websites that also operate as hosting platforms as well. – Russia-based stream-ripping website that works with YouTube. – Music downloading website that appears legal and sales for extremely low prices. – Selling platform for in-game items, cheats, codes, and special mods. – Website that sells music tracks and albums that have not been officially released to the public yet. Won’t respond to takedown notices. – Streaming and downloading platform and file hosting provider that rewards content uploaders. – TV series and movies piracy platform – A Chinese e-commerce platform that sales counterfeit products at a luring low cost. and mirrors – Operated from Panama, with data centers in Switzerland, and hosted in Bulgaria, the popular torrent site is still up and running after five years in USTR’s list. – File sharing platform based in Russia that is filled with pirated content. – BitTorrent index site hosted in Bosnia. Won’t respond to takedown notices, while it keeps making ad revenue.

Sci-Hub and – Scientific, academic paper, and journal article database and publisher. – Singapore-based online marketplace of counterfeit items. – Although part of the trustworthy Alibaba Group, it’s an e-commerce platform that sells many counterfeits. – Still the largest, most visited, and most successful BitTorrent indexing website in the world. Also, the most bashed, hunted and prosecuted website in the world, it’s still up and running, proving its point in the best way possible. – Indonesian online marketplace that is plagued by high counterfeit listing rates. – Subscription-based piracy aid that hosts links to copyright infringing content. – File hosting platform that offers a range of infringing content. – Direct download file hosting service containing pirated content and making money out of ad revenues. – Russian social networking website that facilitates the distribution of pirated content.

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