Should You Uninstall/Disable Chrome on Android to Fix the App Crashing Issue?

By Novak Bozovic / March 23, 2021

Yes - if you’re experiencing a problem with apps crashing on your Android device, disabling Google Chrome comes as a temporary solution. That especially goes for those who can’t uninstall Android System WebView for some reason, so it’s great to have a workaround. With that said, we will show you how to uninstall/disable Chrome on your Android and make your apps work again. 

How to Disable Google Chrome on Android? 

At the moment, you have two methods to disable Chrome on your Android device. They both produce a similar result, and we’ll explain them in-depth. So, take a quick look below. 

Method #1: Use the Google Play Store App

This method instructs you to uninstall the latest Google Chrome update using the Play Store. That means that it won’t disable Chrome entirely, but it comes as an excellent solution if you’re experiencing annoying app crashing. Go through the following steps. 

Navigating to Google Chrome on Play Store via Installed Apps
Uninstalling Google Chrome via Play Store on Android

Method #2: Use the Settings App on Your Android

Then, we have a more drastic method that disables the Google Chrome app entirely. This is a straightforward procedure, so make sure to go through the following quick steps. 

Navigating to Chrome App Overview on Android
Disabling Chrome on Android

If the reason why you’re disabling Chrome is due to performance-related issues with Android apps (if they’re crashing, especially), make sure to restart your Android device and then re-try to open the previously affected apps again. 

When's the Good Time to Re-Enable Google Chrome on Android? How to Do That?

Of course, you can't have Chrome disabled in the long-run, as this is a vital Android component, after all. So, the question is – when should you re-enable this app? The answer is – as soon as Google releases a new Chrome update. 

You should also know that Google released updates for Chrome frequently, which also applies to Android System WebView. And also, we expect Google to fix the currently widespread issues with Android apps crashing via an update – so, make sure also to do the following. 


Once you update Chrome and open it again, it will automatically re-enable the app on your Android device. However, don’t forget to navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Chrome to double-check if the app and its associated services are enabled.

With that said, we conclude our guide on how to uninstall/disable Chrome on an Android device. In case of any issues, doubts, or questions – make sure to post your comment below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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