Uber Announces Three New Features To Simplify Pickups for Users and Drivers

By Nitish Singh / July 16, 2018

Uber’s Senior Product Manager of Rider Experience Ryan Yu launched multiple new features that are now available to all users of the ride-sharing app. One of the most requested features by Uber users has been guaranteed scheduled pickups, and the ride-sharing company is finally delivering on that.

Previously, users would be able to schedule rides, but it often had many users fuming with last minute cancellations or ride unavailability. Yu revealed that Uber will now be offering guaranteed scheduled pickups to all users. If the ride does not arrive in time, users will be offered credit for their next ride.

Uber Ride Booking

Image Courtesy of Uber

A handy feature that is making it into the app to make finding your driver easier is “Spotlight.” Using the feature, you can light up your phone when your ride arrives with a color assigned to your driver. It makes identifying rides at night much easier.

Users will also be able to send messages to their drivers starting today. Messages will be delivered directly to the driver’s dashboard, making it convenient for both passengers and drivers instead of relying on phone calls that may divert an Uber driver’s attention from the ride. The feature encourages safe driving while also allowing ride sharers to send additional instructions that may help drivers reach their destination quicker.

The app also received features like pickup location edits, live location sharing, and a beacon feature to help users in the dark earlier this year. We also received an Uber Lite app for low-end smartphones. This is the second big update that the app has received for the iOS and Android, and we have been promised more features this year by Ryan Yu to improve the ride-sharing experience.

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