Uber Launches Low-Data Uber Lite To Bolster Growth in Developing Countries

By Sajwar Sohail / June 12, 2018

For long, Uber has been planning to expand its business in the developing markets where it sees potential to succeed. Last year, the ride-sharing company decided to bring UberEATS to India and in select cities only. To further bolster its position in such markets, the company has decided to roll out a low-data version of its full stacked Uber app called Uber Lite.

It is believed that the Uber Lite app is only 5 MB in size so that it offers a seamless user experience to people running low-end smartphones. The actual size of the Uber app is around 180 MB on Android. The Lite version works on almost every Android device and in areas where there is low connectivity. According to the company’s statement, Uber Lite is capable of responding to instructions within 300 milliseconds.

The Vice President Product, VP and Head of Product at Uber, Manik Gupta said in a statement, “We have over 75 million monthly active riders, which is a tiny fraction of the world’s population. With such a huge growth opportunity outside of the US, we are committed to building for the next hundreds of millions of riders.

Uber Lite

Courtesy of Android Central

The head of rider product, Peter Deng stated that in developing areas, there was a need to introduce a smaller copy of Uber to cope with the increasing demand and usage of the ride-sharing app in the region. The company identified India to be one of the key markets where they could launch Uber Lite. For now, the Lite version is only rolled out for Android users who are based in select cities in this country.

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