Trump Calling Apple to Build Their Products in the United States

By Bill Toulas / January 5, 2019

Trump has once again urged Apple to move the production of iPhone and the rest of their products to the United States, calling them to stop benefiting China. This was only the most recent of his efforts on that part, as he is keen to put the public press to large US firms to bring their manufacturing lines back home. As he told reporters during a White House talk: “I told (Apple CEO) Tim Cook, who is a friend of mine, who I like a lot, make your product in the United States. Build those big beautiful plants that go on for miles it seems, build those plants in the United States.”

Trump has launched a trade war with Beijing that doesn’t look like wearing off any time soon, so Apple may get caught in the middle, taking fire from both sides as tariffs and counteraction measures are constantly popping up. Especially with the latest developments in the Chinese market that have stunned sales of the Californian smartphone giant, Apple has another reason to reconsider their manufacturing plan. However, even if Tim Cook and his colleagues decide to take their business elsewhere, it is highly unlikely that the new place will be the US, as Taiwan is the new manufacturing paradise that many hardware makers are investing into. Even Apple decided to manufacture flagship iPhones in India in order to reduce the high import cost.

Trump continues to follow strict and pressing tactics on all fronts, insisting that in the end, the results will justify his choice of methods, but US firms are yet to see any substantial financial incentives that will convince them to move their manufacturing units home. As the cost of building adequate lines from the ground up in the US remains very high, most of them continue to find the maintenance of overseas production to be a preferable and more financially feasible scenario, even with the added Chinese import taxes and the tariffs.

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