US Government Persuading Allies to Blacklist Huawei Equipment

  • The US government has met with its allies to discuss blacklisting Huawei products in a bid to stop Chinese espionage activities.
  • Allies who approve of the decision are reported to receive financial benefits.
  • The manufacturer has attempted to defend itself and continues to state that it is innocent.

A number of Chinese manufacturers and software providers have been banned from selling their products in the US. The US wants to extend this trend for its allies as well with the government trying to persuade Germany, Japan, and Italy to stop using Huawei equipment. The US government is also reportedly offering financial incentives for not using products from the Chinese manufacturer.

Retail stores in US military bases are not allowed to sell Huawei products. The government believes that despite security measures being taken in the country, it is essential to secure military personnel overseas. Of course, at first sight, it may seem paranoid, but there have been instances of Russian and Chinese governments trying to influence the politics and economy of the US.

The US-China relationship has gotten worse under the Trump administration, and the president has increased cybersecurity fears in the country. Huawei has defended itself claiming that it operates independently and is not linked to the Chinese government, a US senator has called out the Chinese manufacturer for being an accomplice for being involved in China’s cyber attacks.

It is not just the US government, but also the FBI, CIA, and NSA who have advised against using phones made by Huawei. Huawei believes that the US government is acting beyond its jurisdiction and the manufacturer has tried to prove its innocence by setting up a center in the UK and Germany for getting its devices tested for any kind of backdoors or security faults but to no avail. The US is still wary about the manufacturer and continues to prevent its sales in the country. However, there has been no publicized proof against the manufacturer so far, and the company continues to sell its products worldwide.

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