TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform: A New TV Watching Solution

Written by Thoinot Arbeau
Last updated May 19, 2021

Launching of the new TiVo's Next-Gen Platform is definitely good news for cable operators, who are now looking at a new way to stay competitive in the harsh media market.

One of the features that will help operators remain relevant amongst huge competition is letting them alter the new TiVo's software, thus making a better user experience, but also having the ability to provide recommendations as well as voice control option. It's safe to say that TiVo's streaming service is going to be a game changer in the field of media.

What TiVo's Next-Gen Platform Brings to Consumers

We briefly covered what the cable operators can be happy for, but what about the consumers? First of all, the software is really convenient. It provides a way for you to watch recorded content from cable providers, but also from streaming services as well. This convenient "all in one" platform can be used on multiple devices and screens. The platform will be able to operate on a myriad of products, that include TiVo for Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire, but also various other set-top boxes, mobile, and the Web. In addition, the Next-Gen Platform will be using the long-awaited TiVo's cloud service.

Tivo Media Streaming on Comptuer
It sure looks like that TiVo has found a way to give providers a solution on how to deliver their content to consumers in these changing times for media. People will be able to watch cable and other media content on whichever device they want, and all with the help of this unifying platform. TiVo's Next-Gen Platform might be that future-proof solution cable providers were looking for. But how will it play out, it's anyone's guess.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about Next-Gen Platform and its impact on shaping the media landscape? Is this what cable providers were looking for? We would love to discuss this interesting topic with you, so feel free to comment on it.

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