There is Still a Chance for a Netflix Nintendo Switch App

Written by Thoinot Arbeau
Published on January 16, 2018

If you are both a Nintendo Switch fan and a Netflix fan, and you got discouraged yesterday by Netflix's tweet that there are no plans for a Nintendo-Netflix collaboration - you should not be. All hope is not yet lost, as there is still a chance for a Netflix Nintendo Switch app to become a reality, as one Netflix official told Polygon.

Why is There Still No Netflix Nintendo Switch App?

One of the reasons why we still cannot watch Netflix on Nintendo is part of Nintendo's strategy. Back in March, when Nintendo Switch was about to launch, officials said that they wanted to focus on games and games alone. One guess is that they wanted to make a great device focusing on one thing, rather than a mediocre gadget that would give more options. And that seems reasonable.

Netflix Nintendo App

Nonetheless, as of November, Nintendo seems as if it has strayed from the original plan. Namely, in November 2017, Hulu officially became available on this device. Netflix, however, is nowhere to be seen. But, there is a good chance that might change and Nintendo users are rightfully not losing hope. More so, since Netflix's tweet claiming that there are no plans for a Netflix Nintendo Switch app has been quickly removed.

Why Should It Happen?

The short answer is - everybody wants to see it. A bit more elaborate answer has to do with how successful the partnership would be. Nintendo Switch was the fastest selling console ever in the first 10 months. Up until now, the device has been sold more than 7.6M times. Netflix, on the other hand, is also maintaining an upward trajectory. In the last quarter of 2017, its number of subscribers rose by 5 million. It is also investing more and more into its original content budget, so it comes naturally to explore new ideas for sharing that content with viewers.

Final Thoughts

How eagerly are you expecting the new Netflix Nintendo Switch App? Do you think there is a real possibility that this partnership will happen? We do hope there is, but tell us what your predictions are.

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