Take-Two Interactive Sues GTA V Cheat Maker for $150,000

By Nitish Singh / December 8, 2018

GTA V cheat makers are in trouble with developer Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive filing lawsuits against a number of cheaters and cheat makers. Cheat makers for video games are just as culpable for copyright infringement as pirate websites and other forms of piracy. A default judgment has been requested against the creator of the “Elusive” cheat in Grand Theft Auto V.

The “Elusive” cheat is fairly new, and it was not available prior to this year. Cheat makers often sell their programs for anything between $10 and $30 to enable exploits and provider gameplay advantages to customers. While developers of single player games are not concerned about cheats as they do not disrupt the player experience of non-cheating individuals in any way, online games are in a completely different ball game. Exploits can range from offering gameplay advantages like “aimbotting” or “wallhacking” to other kinds of exploits like getting more in-game items and in-game currency.

The lawsuit against Elusive’s cheat maker was filed in August against Florida resident Jhonny Perez. The company stated “In essence, the Defendant is free riding on TakeTwo’s intellectual property to sell a commercial product that interferes with the carefully orchestrated and balanced gameplay that Take-Two created for its players. Defendant is not alone in his effort to create, distribute, and maintain a program that alters and modifies Take Two’s game, which is then sold to users for profit. Take-Two already has been forced to bring several lawsuits in the United States and around the world against other infringers.

Perez may be fined $150,000 in damages along with $69,686 in attorney’s fees for his GTA V cheat tool. A permanent injunction has also been requested to prevent the defendant from continuing such infringing activities in the future. It is unknown how much money Perez made from his cheat tool, but the possibility of an out of court settlement still remains between both parties. According to Take-Two, the company has suffered losses amounting to over $500,000. If the company wins the legal battle, it will donate the proceeds towards charity.

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