Top 10 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer Ranked!

By Khushi Jain / January 17, 2022

In one of our previous articles, we have established that Demon Slayer has some really powerful characters. These characters come with such overwhelming strength that it is almost difficult to predict the tide of a battle. However, that’s the beauty of a shounen anime. It will always keep you on your toes.

The demons in the series make up half of those overpowered characters. We are curious to know who would be the strongest of them all. We bet you are too. That’s why we have made a list describing the top 10 strongest demons in Demon Slayer. Read ahead to find out more!

Spoiler Alert!

This article contains spoilers from Demon Slayer anime and Manga. Read at your own risk.

10. Gyutaro


Gyutaro shares the spot of Upper Kizuki 6 with his sister and partner Daki. They depend on each other to enhance their abilities. He also has rapid regeneration, fast reflexes, and overwhelming strength. 

The interesting thing about his ability is that he can merge with his sister to enhance her powers. He can shoot blood from his body in a sharp projectile, and the blood can be poisonous when it enters a body. Unfortunately for him, Nezuko could neutralize the poison with her blood easily.

9. Daki


Daki has a fascinating personality. She posed as an Oiran at a courtesan house (she does have a seductive feel about her). She believed herself to be above everyone and everything else except Muzan, who terrified her to the point of trembling. 

As a habit from the past, Daki likes to add the word “hime” (meaning Princess) after the identity she takes over. She thinks that any demon slayer who is not a Hashira is not worth her time. It sounds like arrogance to use. Do not cross her. She will capture you inside her obi, which can even cut people in half. 

8. Gyokko


Every addict’s dream comes true - pots materializing out of thin air. Not the type of pots they’d like, though. Gyokko can appear and disappear from the pots (It reminds us of Genie from Aladdin). 

The pot demon trapped Muichiro inside the pot during their battle once. However, the Mist Hashira developed his demon slayer mark and escaped. Gyokko’s defeat after that was a given. But make sure that he never touches you. You don’t want to live like a fish.

7. Hantengu


Hantengu is your typical demon with a split personality disorder. He exists as multiple demons with distinct powers and represents a unique emotion. He can also combine them to become a bigger, more powerful demon. 

He battles Nezuko and Tanjiro, where the sister is about to sacrifice herself by exposing herself and Hantengu to the Sun. Nevertheless, the Kamado siblings defeated the evil demon and got yet another victory to display on their hats.

6. Kamado Nezuko


Nezuko is the only bad guy (not literally) who’s good. But she’s also strong, especially in her demon form. She managed to destroy more than half of Daki’s head just by a single barefooted kick. She could also rapidly regenerate her body parts as fast as someone from Upper Kizuki demons would.

Let us not forget that she’s at that level of strength without consuming a single gram of human flesh. We cannot begin to comprehend what she could accomplish if she had the diet of a regular demon.

But Nezuko is a good demon and won’t harm humans because of Urokudaki’s influence anyway. 

5. Akaza


Akaza had murdered Kyojuro, and we will never forgive and forget about it. He is the third Upper Kizuki demon who practices martial arts as his fighting style. He is blessed with sharp reflexes and agility, which aids him in dodging and attacking his opponent precisely.

He doesn’t even die when his head is cut off. Akaza can regrow his head and basically every other body part with his rapid regeneration.

4. Douma


One of the most disliked characters in Demon Slayer: Douma is the second Upper Kizuki demon who uses hand fans as weapons. He became the recipient of fans’ collective hate because of his murders of Kanae & Shinobu Kocho and Inosukes’s mother.

His blood demon art allows him to produce ice from his body which has blood-sucking properties that can cause tissue death. 

3. Kokushibo


Kokushibo ranks first on the Upper Kizuki demon hierarchy. And like a cherry on the top, he is the brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the originator of all breath techniques. 

Getting inspired by Yoriichi’s Sun breath technique, Kokushibo developed his own Moon breath techniques - which just got enhanced as he became a demon. It allowed the demon to shoot blades from his flesh. Oh, he also has rapid regeneration.

2. Kibutsuji Muzan

Kibutsuji Muzan

Every demon on this list and then some trace their origin to Muzan. He is the only demon capable of turning humans into demons - It’s safe to hail him as the God of Demons.

Muzan survived for over a thousand years, so it is nearly impossible to overpower him. He was vulnerable to poisons, but he was so knee-deep in arrogance that he never took note of his shortcomings. Nonetheless, he met his demise due to a stage-four poison formulated by Shinobu and Tamayo. 

1. Kamado Tanjiro (Demon Form)

Tanjiro demon form
Kamado Tanjiro

Human Tanjiro is strong. However, demon Tanjiro takes the word strong to another level. We have to say, our lead boy one up-ed Muzan in strength as a demon, big time. 

Tanjiro received every bit of Muzan’s blood before the demon died. That amount of blood is way more than what any other demon had received. Added with his sun breath technique easily crowns him the strongest of demons on Demon Slayer. Let us not forget that Tanjiro had become immune to the Sun.

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