News Is a New Place to Download Music Samples

By Thoinot Arbeau / January 18, 2018

If you're a digital composer that needs to download music samples royalty free, this new website called can help. A large variety of samples are offered and you can get some for free or pay a monthly subscription to have unlimited access.

There are many websites that provide the same service, so let's check out how can compete with them.

Download Music Samples Easily and With Plenty of Choices

The website offers more than 500,000 sounds that cover various genres. The content will be updated weekly and will feature sounds from many artists as well as some reputable sample distributors. You can always browse the website for free and download a certain amount of content. But if you choose a Pro version, you will have an unlimited access to all the soundtracks on Unlike some other websites of the same kind, like Splice, Sounds will not use multiple subscription plans where you choose how much downloading credit you can get. Instead, the subscription is based on a fixed price with the ability to download as much as you like. The website, however, is still in beta and is currently only available to US citizens.

Browsing the website is simple and easy to navigate. On the left side of the screen, you can see some available genres, but you can also filter search. Browsing includes filters for style, instrument, loop/one-shot, BPM, and key. By logging in you can use "My Library" where you can save the content you like and check what you already downloaded. With the "Explore" section you can find the latest releases and check out what's trending. You can always see who released the sample you are currently listening and go to their profile to see what else they uploaded.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the website features that we covered. But if you are an enthusiastic composer or a DJ by profession wishing to download music samples, you should check it out. Even the free option of the website can have some amazing loops and tracks you can use. If you just love music and would like to listen to some tunes for free, you can always enjoy free music streaming apps instead.

Are you a music composer that has an interest in this website? If you are, make sure to check it out and tell us what you think. We would love to hear your take on it in the comment section.

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