Sony Australia Recommends Kodi Add-Ons for Its Android TVs

By Nitish Singh / October 22, 2018

One of the biggest problems with Kodi’s identity as a platform is how many perceive it to be a tool for piracy. While it’s true that there are multiple add-ons that are available on the platform that enables access to pirated content, Kodi as a platform is completely legitimate and even Sony approves of it.

While at one end Sony has been aggressively targeting piracy add-on developers, the company has recommended Kodi add-ons for its Android TV devices. However, the tech giant has also linked to a list of add-ons that are banned on the devices and users are not allowed to tamper with their Android TV devices to install them in any way. A stock installation of Kodi and a large number of its add-ons is fully legal. There are multiple third-party add-ons that you can safely install and get access to legitimate content as well.

Sony Android TV Wiki

Image Courtesy of Sony

Sony is part of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment which also has other media giants in the coalition that includes Netflix, Amazon, Disney and many others. Developers have been targeted by the Alliance for offering pirated content via pirate add-ons that allow users access to copyrighted content including movies, TV shows and even streams of live events.

Sony Australia’s recommendations include a full list of community-created add-ons that offer access to popular internet streaming services. The list includes addons from both the official addons repository from the Kodi wiki as well as ones from unofficial repositories. Sony offers a range of Android TVs including ones that come with 4K and 3D technology. Users can install Kodi on any of the supported TVs to watch their favorite content online without requiring a third-party streaming box to get access to Kodi add-ons or content.

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