Snapchat Plans To Implement Unskippable Ads

Written by Goran Spasojevic
Last updated July 13, 2021

After Snapchat went public last year, the company was already losing a lot of money. It is obvious that this business model Snapchat is desperately trying to implement isn't working for them in the long term since the last quarter was also unprofitable for them.

It comes as no surprise that the company has now announced a new advertisement system on their platform. This new system will consist of unskippable, six-seconds-long ads which the users will be forced to watch before they reach their favorite content. According to the Engadget, Snapchat will start testing out these ads around May 15, and only on certain shows that are being produced by their publishing partners. Users can expect to see these ads that the company is referring to as "Commercials", on shows such as Girl Code and Cribs. In this testing period, users will be spared from these commercials on the Discover feed and people's Stories section.

Snapchat Features screenshots

Image Courtesy Of Techbuzz

As Gizmodo reports, over 80 percent of current Snapchat users are feeling angry about the platform's new design. Even before that, the analysis showed that the average user was spending only 34 minutes per day on this platform, which is bad news when you are in the social media business. But users aren't the only one unsatisfied with the company. Another report, conducted earlier this year, had found that 96 percent of advertisers would rather spend their money on Instagram than Snapchat. This new unskippable advertisements system might attract more advertisers. However, yet another survey showed that around 70 percent of Snapchat users tend to skip already existing optional ads. How much frustrated are they going to be once they can't avoid these ads? One thing is for sure, the company will have to balance its way around becoming profitable and not losing the users in the process by the end of this year.

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