Snapchat merges with media to launch TV shows

Snapchat is working with media companies to create the special shows to bolster Snapchat’s original content with mini, TV-like episodes.

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal Inc., has signed deals with NBC Universal, Turner, Discovery, ESPN, Vice Media and the NFL to produce original shows for this Snap TV.

Today, the company is expected to announce new deals with Scripts Networks Interactive, owner of Food Network, which will create the original shows for the social media. Snapchat is working with the TV producers to create interactive content to attract the audience. The company plans to have two or three episodes of original programming, all about 3 to 5 minutes broadcasting each day at the end of this year.

And the Snapchats wants true original content on its Snap TV including scripted dramas, daily news shows, animated series and more. The first show was a Snapchat version of The Voice in NBC Universal, in which the users could send the 10-minutes voice recording clips. The Winner has made an appearance on the live TV version of The Voice.

A few days back, Twitter announced a 24/7 live news channel in partnership with Bloomberg. While Twitter wants to be a source of live and breaking news content. Snapchat appears to be more focused on developing prerecorded, TV-like shows for its platform.

The company didn’t mention what type of shows will be on the app, but clear that it only show the original content.


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