Sling TV Packages and Prices in 2021

Sling TV is one of the most pocket-friendly live TV streaming platforms available in the market. With its unique content and attractive packages, it has always been the people's favorite. It also has a large collection of interesting channel bundles and premium add-ons for you to choose from. Keep reading to know more about the Sling TV packages and prices in 2021.

3 Sling TV Packages and Prices

There are two major packages available for you to choose from when it comes to Sling TV - Blue and Orange. There is an option to combine them and get a combo deal, more of which will be explained later. Now let's have a look at the pricing, channels, and other features that the packages offer.

Sling Blue Sling Orange Sling Orange + Blue
Channels 44 33 50
DVR 50 hours 50 hours 50 hours
Simultaneous Streams 3 devices 1 device 4 devices
Price $35/month $35/month $50/month

1. Sling Blue ($35/Month) 

Everyone loves a TV package that comes with all of their favorite channels in it and at an affordable price, but a combination such as this is quite rare to find. Blue is one such package that has this duo of best channels and best prices. Below are given some of the features available in the Sling Blue bundle.

  • 44 Live TV channels: Sling Blue focuses more on entertainment and news channels and has something for everyone in the family. Some of the channels that come with this package include CNN, Fox News Channel, HGTV, AMC, Cheddar, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, BBC, and History TV.
  • Free 50 hours DVR: With the free 50 hour DVR feature, you can now record up to 50 hours of TV on your device and can watch it whenever you like. No interruptions, no glitches. Just good old entertainment. For just $35 per month, this is a pretty sweet deal.
  • 3-device streams: It can be quite frustrating when you do not get a chance to watch your favorite TV program just because there is only one device streaming option available in your package. But with the three simultaneous streams feature of the Sling Blue package, you can now access the service from three different devices simultaneously.
  • No Contract: One of the most appealing features of the Sling Blue package has to be this one. While most live TV streaming platforms get you to sign a contract which forces you to continue using their service for a longer time, this package demands no such thing. You can discontinue their service at any time without worrying about breaching any contract.

2. Sling Orange ($35/Month) 

If you are heavily invested in sports and love to spend your screen time along with your family, then the Sling Orange bundle might be the right fit for you. Have a look at some of the features and decide for yourself.

  • 33 Live TV channels: Compared to Sling Blue, this pack is 10 channels short. But if it has all of your favorite channels in it, then there is nothing much to miss out on, is there? Some of the channels included in the package are ESPN, TNT, Disney, Fuse, IFC, Motortrend, TBS, Cartoon Network, and Vice.
  • Free 50 hours DVR: Similar to Blue, the Sling Orange bundle also allows you to record around 50 hours of the TV programs of your choice, which you can watch any time after that. While this feature comes as an add-on in most live TV streaming platforms, you can enjoy it without any additional cost if you're a Sling TV subscriber.
  • 1-device stream: This package only has one device stream option, so if you love to watch the TV with the whole family rather than form separate screens, this could be perfect for you.
  • No Contract: This package also comes with a no-contract feature. It gives the viewers the freedom to stop the package if they feel like switching the service providers, rather than being stuck with the services they do not enjoy.

3. Sling Orange + Blue ($50/Month) 

The Sling Orange + Blue package can be chosen if you want to have some added benefits like connection to more streaming devices and access to a wider variety of channels. All you have to do is pay $15 extra. Some of the features available in this package are as given below.

  • 50 Live TV Channels: When you choose Sling Orange + Blue, you get a total of 50 channels. Apart from the basic channels available in the Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages, you also get access to a large collection of channels with unique content.
  • 4-device stream: One of the biggest benefits of this package is that you can connect to four devices simultaneously while streaming. This is the added steaming device number of the Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages. 
  • No contract: Like the previous two packages, Sling Orange + Blue also has no contract attached to it. You can cancel the subscription if you do not like what you see, and you can also rejoin any time if you feel like coming back to Sling TV. 

Sling TV Add-ons and Upgrades

Sling TV allows the users to choose the channels of their choice from the channel collections and on-demand libraries available for each package. Below given are some of the additional features and upgrades the users can add to their package at affordable prices:

Feature Upgrades & Deals

Sling TV offers a wide range of feature upgrades and deals. The channel bundles they offer are designed to suit the needs of different kinds of viewers. Have a look at the various channel bundles and on-demand libraries they offer and choose the ones that resonate the most with you.

  • TOTAL TV DEAL ($27/month): The Total TV Deal comes with packages like News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Kids Extra, Sports Extra, Comedy Extra, Heartland Extra, and Hollywood Extra, and each package has channels that cater to the needs of the viewers. The viewers also get access to the Cloud DVR Plus with the package.
  • 4 EXTRAS DEAL ($13/month): The 4 Extras Deal offers the viewers packages including Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, News Extra, and Lifestyle Plus Extra. This comprehensive package includes all the basic sets of extra channels covering genres like kids entertainment, news, and comedy.
  • DVR PLUS ($5/month): The DVR PLUS offers the users a total of 200 hours to record any programs of their choice with this upgrade. The package also prevents the files from getting deleted once the memory of the DVR reaches its capacity. The DVR is available on every platform that supports Sling, except for Comcast. 
  • SPORTS EXTRA ($15/month): If you are a sports buff, then the Sports Extra package can be perfect for you. It comes with a wide range of sports channels, including ACC Network, Pac-12, beIN Sports, ESPN Goal Line, NHL Network, and Tennis Channel. 
  • COMEDY EXTRA ($6/month): This package offers channels with some of the most exciting TV shows like the Lip Sync Battle, Wild 'n' Out, and Family Feud. Some of the channels that come under the add-on include Paramount Network, Logo, TV Land, MTV, and truTV. 
  • LIFESTYLE EXTRA ($6/month): You can watch the latest cooking shows, reality TV, and DIY shows with the Lifestyle Extra add-on. VH1, DIY, FYI, WE TV, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Hallmark Channel, Z Living HD, Cooking Channel, Lifetime Movies, and Hallmark Drama are the channels that come under this package.
  • KIDS EXTRA ($6/month): Specially curated for the kids, this add-on has almost all of the best TV channels in it, such as Disney XD, Disney Junior, TeenNick, NickToons, Boomerang, ducktv, and BabyTV.
  • NEWS EXTRA ($6/month): Watch national and international news from all over the world with the News Extra package. It includes channels like BBC World News, WGN America, Science Channel, Law & Crime, NewsMax, and Euronews. 
  • HEARTLAND EXTRA ($6/month): With this add-on, you learn more about the American culture and lifestyle through TV shows like Kindred Spirits and Western Extreme. The channels that come under the add-on include World Fishing Network, American Heroes Network, The Cowboy Channel, RIDE TV, and RFD-TV.
  • HOLLYWOOD EXTRA ($6/month): For any movie lovers, this add-on is a must-have, as it has some of the very best movie collections that you cannot find elsewhere. Star TV, Turner Classic Movies, CineMoi, Sundance TV, REELZ, and Grit are some of the channels that are included in the add-on. 
  • AMC+ ($7/month): Lastly, with the AMC add-on, the viewers can find TV shows and movies from all genres like horror, suspense thrillers, and independent movies. The package includes on-demand libraries like Shudder and Sundance Now and channels like AMC+ and IFC Films Unlimited.

Premium Channels and On-Demand Libraries

Apart from the feature upgrades and deals, Sling TV has over 50 premium channels and on-demand libraries available. Below is given a complete list of premium channels and on-demand libraries available in Sling TV.

  • SHOWTIME ($5/month): Are you a fan of TV shows like Shameless, Homeland, and Billions? Then make sure to check this premium bundle out. It also has documentaries and comedy shows apart from the series. The Showtime bundle comes with channels like Showtime 2, Showtime West, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Women, Showtime Next, and Showtime Family Zone. 
  • STARZ ($5/month): STARZ, STARZ Edge, STARZ Encore, STARZ Kids, STARZ Comedy, and STARZ West are some of the channels in the STARZ bundle. It features original series and has some of the best picks when it comes to movies, so if this interests you, then make sure to get the pack.
  • EPIX ($5/month): EPIX Drive-In, EPIX, EPIX Hits, and EPIX 2 are the four channels included in the EPIX bundle that offers original series and the latest movie releases.
  • ACORN ($6/month): With ACORN TV, viewers can access the very best of the premium TV shows in the thriller, comedy, and drama genres. The biggest highlight here is that all the shows offered are completely ad-free. 
  • BET+ ($10/month): Interested in watching exclusive content on the Black culture? Then this is the one for you. The on-demand library contains over 2,000 hours of content, ranging from TV shows to movies exclusively about the Black culture.
  • CINEFEST ($5/month): As the name suggests, this channel contains cult-classic movies and shows that have been screened at different film festivals. If you are someone who loves the classics, then this is a must-have in your channel bundle.
  • CINEMOI ($3/month): This is a channel that focuses more on international lifestyle, high-end fashion, and award-winning movies, so if you enjoy any or all of the above-given categories of content, then you can surely go for CineMoi.
  • COCINA ON ($3/month): Curated specially for the Latin American audience, Cocina ON is an on-demand library that has over 1,300 hours of content that includes programs from Latin America, Spain, and other countries. All content is available in Spanish. 
  • COMEDY DYNAMICS ($5/month): The channel includes shows and movies featuring some of the absolute best talents when it comes to comedy. 
  • CON TV ($5/month): If you are a fan of pop and retro culture, then CONtv might be able to fulfill all your entertainment needs. From original series to cult classics, the channel offers the viewers a wide range of programs to choose from.
  • THE COUNTRY NETWORK ($3/month): Do you love country music? If yes, then do check out the Country Network Live channel available on Sling TV. It includes a live performance of the best country music artists. The channel also has a large collection of country music available. 
  • CURIOSITYSTREAM ($3/month): For all the viewers curious about the latest happenings in science, tech space, history, and food, Curiosity Stream could be your absolute favorite. The on-demand library also adds new content every week.
  • DOCURAMA ($5/month): Apart from featuring the best-in-class documentaries, the channel also offers impactful TV shows, most of which are based on real-life events. 
  • DOG TV ($5/month): As you might have already guessed, this channel is made exclusively for dogs. It has programs that help in relaxing and stimulating the dogs, helping them carry on with their daily routine with more vigor and fun. 
  • DOVE CHANNEL ($5/month): This channel offers a collection of movies, documentaries, and TV shows that are family-friendly that reflect the standards and values of the Dove Foundation.
  • DOX ($3/month): This is a channel dedicated completely to docuseries and documentaries created by the finest directors in the industry. If this seems like something you would enjoy, do check the channel out.
  • ECHOBOOM SPORTS ($6/month): For all the sports buffs out there, this channel might be of interest. It includes a large collection of action movies, all of which are related to sports. From motocross to BMX to off-road trucking, this channel indeed has an impressive collection of sports movies. 
  • FLIXLATINO ($3/month): No point in guessing - this channel is dedicated to the Spanish audience. It has a collection of over 250 documentaries, movies, and series, all available in Spanish.
  • KARTOON CHANNEL ($4/month): If you have children - or like watching kids TV shows - then make sure to check this channel out. It has a decent collection of family-friendly content curated specially for the kids. 
  • GALLERY ($5/month): If you are someone who appreciates nature and art, then make sure to add this channel to your subscription. GALLERY has videos and scapes of some of the most exotic places on the planet that are accompanied by relaxing music and nature sounds. 
  • GROKKER ($7/month): In today's world, it is extremely important to keep your mind and body healthy. Grokker is a channel that offers yoga, meditation cooking, and fitness sessions that can be accessed by the viewers anytime. 
  • HERE TV ($8/month): If you like to watch content on the LGBTQ+ community, consider subscribing to this channel. It has movies, short films, and TV shows that have won the Academy award.
  • HOPSTER ($5/month): The channel contains songs, videos, and books designed especially for the pre-school kids to get them accustomed to the curriculum with the help of engaging content. 
  • HALLMARK MOVIES NOW ($6/month): If you are looking for a decent collection of family-friendly movies, then you can consider adding this channel to your bundle. The movies are not only ad-free but are also available exclusively in Hallmark Movies Now. 
  • HI-YAH! ($3/month): Love action movies? Then you might love this channel. It has action and martial art moves starring actors like Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa, and Jackie Chan, so if these elements interest you, then do check this channel out. 
  • IFC FILMS UNLIMITED ($6/month): The channel contains award-winning movies created under the distribution labels of IFC Films and IFC Midnight. If you are someone who loves to watch horror, thriller, and sci-fi movies along with some awesome independent movies, then this is the channel for you.
  • MAGELLANTV ($5/month): Magellan TV History is the channel you get after subscribing to this premium. It showcases events that shaped the world, including major culture clashes, the history of Empires, and world wars. 
  • LION MOUNTAIN TV ($3/month): If you enjoy watching channels like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, then Lion Mountain TV will not disappoint you. It has a large collection of movies and documentaries related to wildlife and nature.
  • MAGNOLIA SELECTS ($5/month): Magnolia Pictures has been a film distributor for 20 years and has produced some awesome movies. You can find a collection of some of the best movies from Magnolia Pictures on this channel.
  • MONSTERS AND NIGHTMARES ($3/month): Are you a fan of horror movies? As the name suggests, this channel has a collection of all kinds of horror movies along with thriller and sci-fi, so do check out Monsters and Nightmares.
  • NOGGIN ($8/month): Kids love cartoons, but learning? Not so much. This channel teaches the kids math, literature, music, and science in the most fun way possible - with the help of Nick Jr.'s characters. 
  • NHL CENTER ICE ($29/month): If you are looking for a channel where you can watch uninterrupted hockey matches, then consider giving NHL Center Ice a try. 
  • OUTSIDE TV FEATURES ($5/month): This channel introduces the viewers to the personal experiences and journey of individuals with nature and its elements.
  • PANTAYA ($6/month): Created exclusively for the Spanish-speaking audience, Pantaya has a collection of the latest Spanish movies from countries like Spain, Latin America, and the US.
  • SHUDDER ($6/month): You might have already guessed what this channel is about. It has a large set of sci-fi, thriller, and horror movies collection that you can enjoy without any interruption.
  • PLAYKIDS ($5/month): This is a kids' channel that has a curated collection of cartoons that is mixed with educational content so that children can play and learn at the same time.
  • SONY LIV ($6/month): Sony LIV is one of the most famous channels when it comes to Indian audiences, and it has a large collection of the latest movies and TV shows available for all the viewers who like to watch such content. 
  • QELLO CONCERTS BY STINGRAY ($8/month): Concert films and documentaries based on music are what you can find on this channel. If you love to watch live music concerts and movies related to music, then consider adding this channel to your bundle. 
  • TASTEMADE+ ($3/month): This channel has TV shows, documentaries, and movies on topics like food, travel, and lifestyle. Award-winning shows and documentaries are featured in Tastemade+.
  • TRUE ROYALTY ($6/month): Royalty can be quite an interesting topic for a lot of people. If you are one among them, then do check out this channel. True RoyalTV features relevant and latest content on everything royal.
  • STINGRAY KARAOKE ($7/month): Who doesn't love to sing? Stingray Karaoke has a collection of over 10,000 songs in both English and Spanish languages and has a ready-to-sing playlist available as well. If this is something that interests you, check this out.
  • SUNDANCE NOW ($7/month): If you are someone who likes to binge-watch TV shows and always keep running out of shows to watch, then you may want to check out Sundance TV. It also has some of the best award-winning TV shows in genres ranging from drama to crime thriller.
  • WATCH IT SCREAM ($3/month): Do we even need to explain what this channel is about? Watch It Scream is made exclusively for horror movies and has some pretty good collections too.  
  • TUMBLEBOOKS ($5/month): If you are looking to incorporate a reading habit into your kid's daily routine, then Tumblebooks could be a good place to start. This channel has a collection of some of the very best books for kids, which are then animated to make it more enjoyable for children. 
  • UP FAITH & FAMILY ($5/month): With a whopping collection of over 1,000 series, drama, and movies, Up Faith & Family has exclusive content that you can watch with your whole family. 
  • WARRIORS & GANGSTERS ($3/month): The channel has some of the most action-packed movies and TV shows that are sure to make your heart beat faster. If you enjoy intense action and drama, make sure to check out this channel. 
  • WE TV+ ($6/month): From UMC stage plays to scripted entertainment, WE TV+ is one such channel that has all elements needed for a complete entertainment channel. It also has a collection of TV shows, independent films, and classic movies.
  • VSIN ($4/month): If sports betting is something that interests you, do not miss checking out VSiN. You can watch real-time betting and analysis of the game by experts across the country with this channel. 
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS ($28.99/month): With this premium channel subscription, the users can access out-of-market games, which you cannot find in any other sports channels like ESPN, TNT, and NBA. Your physical location does not become a barrier here, as you can watch games taking place in any other city with the NBA League Pass. Individual team games cannot be viewed through this pass apart from the ones in your city. The only hitch is that you can only watch out-of-market games with the pass.
  • NBA TEAM PASS ($17.99/month): If you do not want to pay so much to view the games and wish to pay only for the teams you watch, then the NBA TEAM PASS could be a better option for you. In this case, also, individual games outside your city cannot be viewed with the pass.

International TV Channel Bundles

Sling TV has quite a large collection of international live TV channels and on-demand libraries that cover almost all geographical areas and languages across the world. From Spanish to Arabic, they have a wholesome collection of international channels for the users to choose from.


Specially curated for the Spanish-speaking audience, the Espanol channel bundle includes packages comprising channels and on-demand libraries covering topics from national news sports to the latest TV shows.

  • BEST OF SPANISH TV ($5/month): You get to see some of the very best Spanish channels with this channel bundle. The channels included in the bundle are Azteca, Zee Familia, beIN Sports Connect La Liga, Cine Sony, France 24 en Español and many more.
  • MEXICO ($5/month): With this TV bundle, you can have access to Mexican news, novelas, and TV shows. The bundle offers channels like Cinema Dinamita, Canal Once, Video Rola, AZ Corazon, Mexicanal, AZ Cinema, and TeleFormula. 
  • CARIBE ($5/month): Users can view the latest news, TV shows, and movies from the Dominican Republic and Cuba with the CARIBE bundle. CubaMax, WAPA America, Dominican View, Pasiones, Supercanal Caribe, and Telemicro are some of the channels available with the bundle. 
  • SUDAMERICA ($5/month): This bundle brings you news, sports, and TV shows from the South American continent. Some of the channels that come with the bundle include EVTV, TV Venezuela, Caracol, Nuestra Tele, Bolivia TV, Canal Sur, Estudio 5, and  NTN24.
  • CENTROAMERICA ($5/month): Central American news, TV shows, and sports can be accessed with the channels available in the package. Centroamerica TV, Tele El Salvador, and Multimedios Costa Rica are the three channels available in the bundle.
  • ESPANA ($5/month): Viewers can access the latest of Spanish television with the ESPANA bundle. Antena 3, A3 Series A3 Cine, and TV Espanola Internacional are the channels that come under this bundle. 
  • SLING DEPORTES ($5/month): You can watch the TV channels of Spain, Colombia, and Argentina with this channel bundle. Nuestra Tele, beIN Sports, and TyC Sports are the channels that you get with this bundle. 


The international TV channel bundle has packages for every occasion, every ethnicity, and every country. Check out the details of each bundle given below.

  • WILLOW CRICKET MINI ($5/month): This channel bundle gives you access to watch some of the best international sports channels like Willow Cricket and Willow Xtra.
  • DESI BINGE MINI ($10/month): With the DESI BINGE MINI bundle, the viewers can watch the latest Indian TV shows, web series, and movies. The channels that come under the bundle are Voot and Sony LIV.
  • BRASIL MINI + GLOBOPLAY ($10/month): This bundle gives the users access to Brazilian television, with channels like TV Globo Internacional and Globoplay.
  • FRANCAIS MINI ($5/month): French TV shows, movies, entertainment shows, and news are available with the FRANCAIS MINI bundle. TV5 Monde Cinema, France 24, and TiVi5Monde are the three channels that come under the bundle. 
  • ARABIC MINI ($10/month): The bundle offers the latest Arabic news, TV shows, and spiritual programs that can be accessed through channels like MBA Wanasah, IQRAA TV, Arabica, BBC Arabica, MBC Drama, and ART Cima. 
  • CHINESE MINI ($5/month): The CHINESE MINI bundle provides news, TV shows, and sports channels from China. China Movie Channel, CCTV-Entertainment, CCTV-4, CGTN, Hunan Satellite TV, and North America Chinese Channel are some of the channels available with the bundle.
  • ITALIANO MINI ($5/month): The users can have access to Italian entertainment, news, and sports with the La7 and 2000Italia channels.
  • DEUTSCH MINI ($5/month): German TV shows, news, and entertainment can be viewed with the ProSieben channel that is available in this bundle. 
  • POLISH MINI ($15/month): iTVN and PolSat 1 are the two channels that come under this bundle, and the viewers can access the Polish news, sports, and TV shows with them. 

Sling TV International Packages and Prices

Apart from the basic two packages, Sling TV also offers special packages that cater to the needs of different demographics around the globe. This is what gives Sling TV a universal appeal.

1. Ramadan 

Best suited for the Arabic audience, the Ramadan package has three packages available: Al Ostoura Pack, Ala Keifak Pack, and the Shahid VIP. Each of the packages offers a unique streaming experience and has the premium channels available in Arabia.

  • Al Ostoura Pack: Being one of the most popular Arabic packages, the Al Ostoura pack offers the viewers a wide range of options to choose from. For $25 per month, the viewers get over 130 premium Arabic channels, including DMC, LBC, OTV, Aghapy TV, M Hits Arabica, and Zee Alwan.
  • Ala Keifak Pack: If you enjoy watching content from the main channels of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, then the Ala Keifak Pack is your best option. Some of the channels offered by the package include beIN Sports, Aghani Aghani TV, ON TV, and OTV.
  • Shahid VIP: With just $8.99 per month, the Shahid VIP package allows the viewers to have unlimited access to the largest reserve of the best Arabic TV shows, series, and movies from all across the world. The biggest highlight of the package is that all the programs are completely ad-free!

2. Latino 

Specially curated for the South American audience, Sling TV has over six different packages that cater to the needs of its Latin American viewers.

  • Best of Spanish TV: For just $10 per month, this package offers some of the very best Mexican channels like Universo, Azteca, Pasiones, PX Sports, and NTN 24.
  • Mexico Service: With over 20 best channels from the Mexican domain, the Mexican Service package retails for $10. Some of the channels offered in the package are Canal Once Mexico, Multimedios, Mexicanal, Cinema Dinameta, and CB Television.
  • Caribe Service: The Mexico Service package also retails for $10 per month and includes major channels of the Dominican Republic and Cuba, such as CUBA Max TV, Super Canal, Teleuniverso, and Cine Latino.
  • South America Service: Premium channels from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador are included in the South American Service For $10, the viewers get over 10 channels, like TN, Eltrece, TyC Sports, Bolivia TV, and Canal SUZ.
  • Central America Service: The Central America Service package includes channels such as CATV, Tele El Salvador, and CB24. It costs $10.
  • Spain Service: The package is for just $10 and includes channels like TVE, A3Series, A3Cine, and Antena 3.

3. International

The international package involves channels from countries worldwide, such as South Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, and East Asia. The packages start from $5 and can go as high as $30.


Sling TV has an impressive collection of South Asian channels and TV bundles that the users can choose from according to their preference. 

  • HINDI: The users can pick from the Hindi Bundle ($30/month) and Desi Binge ($10/month), but you can also get Voot ($7/month) and Sony LIV ($6/month) individually. The Hindi Bundle comes with channels like Zee TV HD, &TV, Aapka Colors, Voot, and Sony LIV. The Desi Binge Bundle includes Sony LIV and Voot only.
  • BANGLA: The Bangla channels come in a Bangla Super bundle ($19.99/month) that has channels like Colors Bangla, Zee Bangla, Willow Xtra, nTV, and ATN Bangla. It also has the Hindi bundle ($30/month) and Desi Binge ($10/month) available under the Bangla section.
  • KANNADA: The Desi Binge ($10/month) and Hindi Bundles ($30/month) are available in the Kannada section also along with the Kannada Bundle ($20/month) that includes channels like Udaya TV, Willow Xtra, Willow HD, and Colors Kannada. 
  • MALAYALAM: Along with the Desi Binge ($10/month) and the Hindi Bundle ($30/month), the Malayalam section also has a Malayalam Bundle ($25/month) that has channels like Surya TV, Kairali TV, Mazhavil Manorama, News 18 Keralam, and Surya Movies.
  • MARATHI: The Marathi bundle ($18/month) includes channels like Colors Marathi, Zee Marathi, and Sony Marathi. This section also has Desi Binge ($10/month) and the Hindi bundle ($30/month).
  • TAMIL: The Tamil section has a Tamil bundle ($15/month) along with a Tamil Gold Bundle ($25/month) and Desi Binge ($10/month). The Tamil Bundle includes channels like Jaya TV, KTV, and Willow TV, whereas the Tamil Gold Bundle has channels including Colors Tamil, Raj TV, and Zee Tamil.
  • TELUGU: Exclusively built for the Telugu audience, the bundles that come under this section are the Telugu bundle ($15/month), the Telugu Gold bundle ($25/month), and Sony LIV ($6/month). The Telugu bundle includes channels like Willow HD, Willow Xtra, Gemini TV, Zee Telugu, and Zee Cinemalu. The Telugu Gold bundle includes channels like Gemini TV Gemini Movies, Gemini Comedy, and TV5 News. 
  • PUNJABI: When it comes to the Punjabi viewers, Sling TV has a dedicated Punjabi section that includes channel bundles like Desi Binge ($10/month), Punjabi ($15/month), and Punjabi Super ($25/month). The Punjabi bundle has channels like Chardikla Time TV, PTC PUNJABI, News 18 India, and Jus Punjabi HD. The Punjabi Super bundle has channels like Jus Now, PTC NEWS, ONLY MUSIC, PTC MUSIC, and News Only.
  • URUDU: The Urdu section includes channel bundles like Urdu ($15/month), Urdu Super ($35/month), and Urdu-Hindi ($40/month). The Urdu bundle includes Geo, Hum, Express-News, and 14 other channels. Urdu Super has channels like TV One Geo, Hum, and ARY Digital. Urdu-Hindi has Sony Pal, Sony SAB, B4U Movies, Willow Xtra, and Colors Rishtey in it, along with 15 other channels. 
  • BENGALI: Desi Binge ($10/month), Bengali ($15/month), and Hindi ($30/month) are the channel bundles that come under the Bengali section. The Bengali channel bundle includes channels like Zee Bangla and Colors Bangla, while the Hindi bundle has channels like Zee TV HD, &TV, Aapka Colors, Voot, and Sony LIV.
  • CRICKET: This section is created for all the cricket buffs out there. This section has one channel bundle, which is the Willow Cricket ($10/month). It comes with channels like Willow HD and Willow Xtra.
  • SONY LIV: Being one of the most comprehensive channel bundles in this section, the Sony LIV channel comes for $6/month. Users can also combine Sony LIV with the World Sports Extra bundle ($10/month) for a total of $16/month.


The Al Ostoura Pack ($25/month), the Ala Keifak Pack ($15/month), and the Shahid VIP ($8.99/month) are the packages that come under the Middle Eastern section of Sling TV.


  • FRENCH: Specially curated for the French viewers, the French Bouquet Package ($15/month) includes channels like TV5MONDE, TV5MONDE CINEMA, TV5MONDE INFO, FRANCE 24, TiVi5, and Babytv French.
  • GERMAN: The German audience has a wide range of channels available in the German Mosaic channel bundle. It includes channels like Deutsh+ and MY GERMAN TV, all for $20/month.
  • GREEK: Sling TV has the Greek Mosaic ($25/month) channel bundle that has channels like Ant Satellite, Sports Plus, and Alpha that enable the viewers to access the latest news, entertainment, and TV shows in Greece.
  • ITALIAN: The Panorama Italiano bundle offers channels like TV2000 Italia for $5/month that covers not just entertainment but sports and news also.
  • POLISH: The two channel bundles that Sling TV offers the Polish audience are Polish Basic and Polish Mosaic. The Polish Basic ($20/month) has channels like tvn HD, Republika, DISCO POLO MUSIC, and POLSAT, while the Polish Mosaic ($30/month) bundle includes channels like SPORTOWA TV, tvn 24, ADVENTURE, and tvn Extra.


The channel bundle available under the South American section is the Brazilian bundle. The channel bundles that come under the Brazilian section are the Globo + Globoplay bundle ($13.99/month), Brasil Especial + Globoplay bundle ($20/month), and the Brasil Maximo + Globoplay bundle ($30/month).

The first bundle includes channels like Globoplay and Globo, while the second bundle has channels like Babytv Portuguese, sbt, and Record TV Americas. The third bundle comes with channels like BAND Internacional, PREMIERE, and BAND NEWS.


The East Asian subscribers of Sling TV can choose their preferred channel bundles from the following sections.

  • CANTONESE: When it comes to the East Asian viewers, Sling TV has the JADEWORLD ($30/month) channel bundle, which includes channels like TVB1, TVBe, TVB Drama, and TVBS. It also has bonus channels like Bloomberg Television, EURO CHANNEL, Zoom, and Zee Living included in the bundle. 
  • MANDARIN: The channel bundle curated for the Chinese audience is the Great Wall TV ($15/month) bundle, and it has channels like BTV, CGTN, JSBC, and TBN included. 
  • TAIWANESE: For the Taiwanese audience, the channel bundle created by Sling TV is the Taiwanese Mega ($25/month), which has channels like USTV and TVBS. All the latest music, sports, and news channels are included in the bundle.


For all the sports lovers out there, Sling TV has a dedicated section for International Sports. where the World Sports bundle is featured ($5/month your first month, then $10/month after), which offers Premiere and beIN Sports and Willow channels.

Sling TV indeed has some of the best collection of TV channels and on-demand libraries in it. They also have a free streaming option for viewers who wish to try out the service before deciding on subscribing to the service. The best part about this opportunity is that the viewers can access the channels for as long as they want. Of course, the channels available in the free version are limited - as it is just a sneak peek of what is actually in store for the subscribers. Make sure to check this out and subscribe to Sling TV if it strikes a chord.

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