SET TV Pulls Its Setvnow IPTV Service Following Piracy Complaints

By Nitish Singh / June 21, 2018

SET TV is a popular IPTV service that was shut down recently following a lawsuit at the California District Court that was filed by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. ACE is an anti-piracy organization that was founded by multiple Hollywood studios and other figures in the entertainment industry including Amazon and Netflix.

With SET TV brought under pressure by ACE, the IPTV service had shut down its services and redirected its users to Setvnow. The owner of SET TV claimed that Setvnow is operated by SET TV and users can continue viewing pirated content on the new platform. This move was not taken lightly by ACE and the organization filed yet another complaint against SET TV claiming that despite shutting down its primary IPTV website, the business continued to operate under a different name.

Despite the legal pressure, SET TV continued to operate on the backup website, but that seems to be changing with the IPTV service claiming that Setvnow will cease offering its services and will no longer market or sell subscriptions for pirated content.

After the IPTV service was charged with new allegations, SET TV admitted that it sold subscriptions to the new service and used marketing material for Setvnow that was similar to SET TV. However, SET TV claims that the hardware they sold is not marketed for piracy. The marketing material claims that the IPTV boxes offer plug and play functionality that offers users the ability to watch live TV content without any setup.

SET TV claims that the service did not sell illegal access to copyrighted content intentionally as the boxes sold by them were never marketed to be used for piracy purposes. The lawsuit is far from over, and it will be interesting to see how the Court views SET TV’s claims.

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