Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy X to Include Curved Batteries

  • Reports suggest that Samsung has figured out a way to build large-capacity curved batteries for its upcoming Galaxy X device.
  • The batteries can store between 3000mAh and 6000 mAh of power to run the upcoming foldable smartphone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to go into production from 2019, and the Korean tech giant may be the first to release a consumer grade device with flexible OLED displays.

Recent reports claim that Samsung has figured out a way of manufacturing large-capacity foldable batteries that are capable of storing up to 6,000 mAh of power. If the rumors are true, Samsung will be able to release the heavily rumored Samsung Galaxy X sooner than expected.

The Samsung Galaxy X has been reported to go into production in 2019. The device will join Samsung’s lineup of flagship Galaxy devices at a price tag of $1,900 at launch. The Korean company has showcased similar concept devices in the past, but they were severely limited in terms of battery capacity. Samsung’s SDI subsidiary showcased a curved battery that was only 210mAh in size four years ago while the new battery packs can vary between 3,000 to 6,000 mAh.

Samsung Curved Display Prototype
Image Courtesy of Aaodekho

Samsung has been attempting to create malleable displays since 2011. Their first showcased prototype was capable of being opened and closed 100,000 times before experiencing a dip in brightness due to wear and tear. It is unknown what the Samsung Galaxy X will look like, but it is known that both displays will come together when the phone is opened. According to the last shown prototype by Samsung, foldable devices make use of silicone rubber and glass which also have optical properties. The technology also promised no creases on the hardware despite continuous usage and folding.

With Microsoft working on its dual-screen Andromeda device and other manufacturers like Xiaomi, ZTE, Apple and Huawei working on foldable devices, we can expect a complete overhaul in how mobile devices are designed. The last known design overhaul happened in the mobile industry when the original iPhone launched by Apple, making all manufacturers ditch physical keyboards in favor of a full touchscreen experience.

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