Samsung Smart TVs To Come Pre-Loaded with 'McAfee Security'
Image Courtesy of Samsung
  • Samsung has partnered with McAfee to bring “McAfee Security” antivirus to its 2019 lineup of smart TVs.
  • The company announced that the software is capable of identifying and removing malware from its Tizen OS.
  • The deal was struck for one year, and it remains to be seen if the trend continues in next year’s smart TV releases by Samsung.

Samsung is one of the most prominent manufacturers of Smart TVs, and the company is stepping up its security game for its products. The Korean tech giant has partnered with McAfee to bring antivirus solutions for its smart TV lineup. Many users do not like using McAfee software as it is known to be aggressive with alerts and often considered as “bloatware.” However, a streamlined version of the software could be well received by smart TV users.

McAfee is known for its partnership with a number of hardware vendors, and the software company’s antivirus solutions are often seen in laptops. This is the first major deal that McAfee has signed with a smart TV manufacturer. All smart TVs from Samsung will come preloaded with the latest McAfee antivirus software to protect users from malware.

Samsung offered insight into the deal with McAfee in an official announcement. The smart TV manufacturer revealed that McAfee signed a contract to have its “McAfee Security for TV” software pre-installed on all Samsung Smart TVs produced in 2019. With Samsung being the number one smart TV manufacturer in the world currently, it is definitely a lucrative deal for McAfee.

Samsung claims that the preinstalled software will be capable of identifying and removing malware. One of the biggest drawbacks of the company’s smart TVs is that it runs a custom Tizen OS. It is a custom Linux-based operating system that lacks the vast number of apps Play Store or App Store offer. Tizen OS is notorious for its app installation process. Users often rely on preinstalled apps instead of going through the whole setup process. Having a security solution built in is definitely something many users would want and it remains to be seen how good McAfee’s offering is for smart TVs.

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