Samsung Announces New Remote Access App for Its 2019 Lineup of Smart TVs

  • Samsung revealed details about its new wireless remote access app that can control PCs, tablets, and smartphones using a Smart TV.
  • The feature will be available on all Samsung Smart TVs releasing in 2019 and beyond.
  • Samsung has not made it clear if older TVs will get the remote access app

If you have been holding off on getting a Smart TV, Samsung just might make your wait worth it in 2019. The South Korean tech giant revealed that it has been working on a new Remote Access app that will make allow the brand’s smart TV owners complete control over their PCs, tablets, and smartphones using the app.

The new Samsung app will be compatible with all popular input devices allowing users better control over their devices. Smart TVs have been quite successful, and Samsung’s 4K UHD TVs have been really popular on Amazon during the holiday season, but their functionality has been fairly limited in comparison to full-blown PCs. Having complete control over other devices using an input device of your choice is definitely quite appealing, and if the Remote Access works as intended, there will be many users who upgrade to Samsung’s upcoming lineups of smart TVs.

Samsung Remote Access
Image Courtesy of Samsung

Hyogun Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics revealed “Samsung is committed to creating an intuitive and convenient user experience for consumers. With Remote Access, consumers will be able to easily access various programs, apps and cloud services installed on multiple connected devices directly through their TV screen. We will continue to collaborate with our partners to expand the compatibility of Remote Access and provide more services to our users.”

The app was built in collaboration with VMWare Horizon, which is a popular virtual desktop app used by millions of users even amongst corporates. The productivity app’s features will likely be ported over to Samsung’s Remote Access app. Both companies have taken measures to ensure security is a top priority with the tech giant’s Knox security infrastructure being implemented to the new app.

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