Samsung Galaxy Fold Lineup to Expand with Two More Devices

By Nitish Singh / March 6, 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold became the first ever smartphone in the market with a foldable display, and it seems like the Korean tech giant is not done yet. Two new devices will become part of the Galaxy Fold family in the near future with some improvements over the current Galaxy Fold. With the Fold being priced close to $2,000 it is likely that the upcoming devices will come with lower price tags and less powerful specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is meant to be a “test device” to see if the audience wants such devices. We have already seen clamshell phones in the past, but that was in an era where screen real estate did not matter much and phones were not nearly as capable. The upcoming Fold-style devices may incorporate in-display fingerprints similar to the ones found in the Galaxy S10 and the S10+.

It is unknown how durable the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be as there are stark differences between day-to-day usage and factory tests. The manufacturer is considering offering free screen replacements to the new flagship device and also to upcoming phones that incorporate a similar design. The Korean tech giant is expecting to produce at least 1 million foldable smartphones in 2019.

The Galaxy Fold has been in development for eight years, and it will take some time until the design is perfected. With incremental upgrades and low-cost phones from Chinese manufacturers flooding the market, Samsung managed to draw everyone’s attention with the new phone. However, the high price tag will dissuade the average smartphone user. If foldable displays are to become mainstream Samsung will need to offer the technology at lower price points in the coming years to attract a larger target market.

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