How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone Without Backup

By Novak Bozovic / January 30, 2021

We all keep plenty of personal data on our iPhones. With that said, our photos are perhaps the most precious type of data, as they often hold memories of past events. So, what happens if you delete them by accident? Is there a way to recover permanently deleted photos on your iPhone if you don't have a backup? The answer is – yes, but it comes with some caveats. 

When you delete any type of data, those files don't actually disappear. Instead, the space occupied by those files is marked as "available," waiting on new data to overwrite it. That applies to any digital device that has data storage, and it applies to iPhones as well. And also, this is what makes it possible to restore deleted photos, even without a backup. 

2 Methods to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone – If You Don’t Have a Backup

The best way to restore lost data is via using a third-party application. However, your iPhone also has another trick up its sleeve, keeping your deleted photos still available for up to a month. So, let’s show you what needs to be done. 

Method #1: Restore Deleted Photos via Your iPhone’s Photos App

When you delete a photo, did you know that your iPhone doesn't delete it straight away? Instead, that photo is kept in a special album for up to 30 days. With that said, here's how to access that album and recover lost photos. 


This method works only if you've deleted a photo from the Photos app's main interface. In case you've also deleted it from the 'Recently Deleted' album, you will need to try another solution, as explained later on in this article. 

Recovering Deleted Photos on iPhone

To avoid situations like this one in the future, make sure to back-up your photos to iCloud. This is done by doing to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Then, tap on 'Photos' and turn on 'iCloud Photos.' 

Method #2: Use a Third-Party App to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos

If the method explained above doesn’t work (if you’ve deleted photos even from the 'Recently Deleted' album), there’s another solution to try. We’ll show you how to use a third-party app to scan for recoverable data on your iPhone. So, go through the following steps. 

Wondershare Dr Fone Home Screen
Dr Fone iPhone Selection Window
Types of Data Recoverable via Dr Fone Wondershare
Recovering Photos from Water Damaged iPhone

You’ve reached the end of our guide on how to recover permanently deleted photos on an iPhone. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your experience of restoring deleted data, make sure to use the comments section below. And finally – thanks for reading!

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