Pokemon Makes Fans Nostalgic With Original Anime Look

By Samona Punjabi / January 29, 2022

The legendary Pokemon franchise has been responsible for one of the longest-running anime series, several movies, many spin-off series, several mini-series, and variety shows over its 26-year run. In addition, the franchise has also released several popular video games and even a live-action movie! While the anime series is currently airing Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series, fans will be aware that the franchise launched their RPG Pokemon Legends: Arceus on January 28 for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon celebrated its 25th Anniversary last year and delivered new movies, trading cards, toys, and more in celebration. This also included collaborations with musicians and artists. However, it seems that the Pokemon media franchise is the gift that keeps giving! Pokemon has decided to surprise veteran fans by bringing back the anime's original art style for a new collaboration.

It seems that Pokemon has decided to collaborate with one such artist, once again. American artist Daniel Arsham has previously worked on some unique designs for a line of clothing for Pokemon and UNIQLO. It appears that the artist is ready for a new collaboration with the beloved franchise for this year!

Pokemon Returns to Original Style With Daniel Arsham

Pokemon has reunited with artist Daniel Arsham for an art exhibit soon in Tokyo dubbed "A Ripple in Time," which features new sculptures from the artist in his style. In celebration of the upcoming new exhibition, the official Pokemon YouTube dropped a new promo for fans in Japan. Along with the artist, the promo also features a complete original anime makeover for Ash and Pikachu, going back to the beginning! Take a look:

Fans who have kept up with the series over the years will remember that Pokemon has gone through several anime iterations over the years. Each time there has been a change in animation, our protagonist Ash receives a complete makeover. This usually happens when Ash enters a new region and status quo.

Before "Pokemon Journeys" began airing, every series (per region) that the show released was enough to carry itself. However, the ongoing series features some significant changes, making fans nostalgic. In the "Pokemon Journeys" series, Ash Ketchum can explore every region that has been part of the franchise so far. The latest episodes also featured Ash meeting his travel buddy from the Kanto region, Brock!

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