Pirate Kodi Boxes Under Attack: Two New Settlements in the UK

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated August 17, 2021

Social media networks and online marketplaces were always a fertile ground for online sales. Due to their massive user base, it is no wonder why individuals are turning to these websites to sell goods. The same applies to pirate Kodi boxes, which are under another attack in the UK.

Nayanesh Patel from Harrow, Middlesex (UK), was caught in the act of selling Kodi boxes using eBay and Facebook. More specifically, his products were advertised as the best way to watch the Premier League games, free of charge. In other to avoid a lawsuit, he’s agreed to pay £18,000 ($24,900), shut down his website, remove all advertising, and cease future sales as well. This comes ten days after a former UK Secretary of State declared that Kodi box crackdown is absolutely essential.

Kodi Addons

Furthermore, this isn’t an isolated case. A second individual, who remains unnamed, was also caught in the act of selling subscriptions to illegal streams of Premier League football via eBay. He was forced to pay a fine of £8,000 ($11,000) and cease all future sales.

It is also worth noting that a popular Kodi box seller, called TickBox TV, was under attack a few weeks ago by the ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment). However, the latest events are not tied to the ACE. Instead, the Premier League has started a massive copyright protection program that includes taking action against unauthorized sellers of preloaded devices, such as Kodi boxes. It seems like the Premier League decided to take another approach and to eliminate potential jail sentences out of the equation. Instead, they are interested in hefty cash settlements which seem equally frightening for anyone who decides to sell pirate Kodi boxes from now on.

Finally, the UK isn’t the only country where the Premier League operates. The League also recently won a landmark action in the Dutch Courts aimed against the illegal hosting provider Ecatel. The company was forced to take down all Premier League material or pay up to $1,8 million.

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