Phineas Fisher Says They Awarded the “MilicoLeaks” Hacker $10k

By Bill Toulas / March 26, 2020

Motherboard reports that the notorious hacker known as “Phineas Fisher” has already paid a bounty of $10,000 to the hacker who managed to break into the Chilean Military systems. Reportedly, this was the first person who responded to the anti-capitalism hacktivism manifesto that was published by Phineas Fisher in November 2019, who put $100k up for grabs. Fisher calls hackers to breach capitalistic governments, organizations, and companies, to steal undisclosed documents, and then expose the discovered secrets publicly. The payments to those brave and capable enough of doing this would be made in cryptocurrency, while the whole society would benefit from the subsequent revelations.

So, the person who hit the Chilean Army managed to steal 3,475 email messages, 401 images, and 1,340 documents from high-standing personnel. The dump was published on the “Distributed Denial of Secrets” platform, carrying the name “MilicoLeaks,” and exposing the Directors of Intelligence, Operations, Finance, and International Relations of the Chilean military. The press downplayed the importance of the hack, saying that the security incident only affected accounts that were managed by an external services provider. Following the same approach, the Chilean Army didn’t respond to the publication of the leak.

According to Motherboard’s sources, Phineas Fisher decided to pay the hacker on their own, after seeing the leak online. Thus, the hacker didn’t approach them to request the bounty, but of course, all of this is mere surmise and conjectured allegations that we reproduce with caution. When the hacker published the leak, he/she wrote the following: “Freedom for the political prisoners in Chile! Justice for those who have been mutilated and murdered by the Chilean state! We are tired, angry, but more united than ever. We are those who are left over, the forgotten, we are legion. See you on the streets.”

With so many months passed since Phineas Fisher having published his manifesto, we now see only one bounty payment, and even this one wasn’t directly incentivized by the hacker’s call for anti-capitalistic action. Thus, the person behind the manifesto is somewhat disappointed, saying that: “Maybe it's the things that are hardest to quantify and measure that are actually the most important in life. So you could say that with hacktivism almost nothing has happened and it's a failure. I think it just means that me and others are focusing on other parts of life. But there's a time for everything, a time to hack will come.”

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