Opera Browser Version 64 Comes With a Built-In Tracker Blocker

By Bill Toulas / October 8, 2019

Opera 64 for the desktop has landed, and it comes with an exciting new tracker blocker that will help users maintain their privacy while hopping from one website to the other. Not only trackers will be blocked now, but the browsing experience will get faster as a result as the users won’t have to wait for trackers to load now. This speed boost can have a very noticeable effect when combined with the ad-blocker, as both of the features are optional and can be turned on and off via a toggle on the settings of the browser.

Today, we have to deal with a ridiculous amount of trackers, as data collection and selling is the gold mine of every tech firm out there. Large corporations pay for affiliation collaborations and collect user browsing data from millions of websites that are seemingly unrelated. For example, this “tracking” is what tells Google ads that you were looking for sneakers on an unrelated website last night. Switching on the tracker blocker will stop this from happening, so you can get a “purer” edition of a website every time you are visiting.


Source: Opera blogs

The ad-blocker that is also embedded in Opera is helping with web cookies too. Blocking cookies will help speed up the browsing, while also stopping pop-ups from interrupting your media consumption experience. Opera claims that the tracker blocker alone will result in a speed boost of 20%, and when combined with the embedded ad blocker the gains can go up to 76%.

Another new tool that has landed with the latest 64 version is an enhanced screenshot tool that features easy meme-creation capabilities. Click on the screenshot icon next to the address bar, select the window you want to snap, and add text or other effects and graphic elements that will quickly turn it into a meme.


Source: Opera blogs

All this comes on top of the free and unlimited VPN offering that is embedded into Opera, and which is even available in the mobile version. Smaller market shareholders like Opera have to do their best in order to differentiate themselves from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, capture a broader audience and free themselves from financial burdens that they usually address through search engine partnerships. In that sense, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave are excellent alternatives that offer a lot more power and privacy to their users than what you can enjoy on more mainstream solutions.

Are you planning to give Opera 64 a spin, or is it still not where you’d want it to be? Let us know in the comments down below, or on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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