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  • Opera has brought back its VPN service for Android users; This time as an in-browser feature.
  • The feature is currently available to Opera Beta users and will go live for all users in the coming week.
  • Opera did not reveal any plans of bringing the feature to iOS users.

Opera has launched its own VPN for mobile users a while back, but it was shut down after SurfEasy acquired the company last year in April. Opera users will soon be able to get access to first-party virtual private network services with the addition of a VPN directly on the web browser for Android devices. Unfortunately, there have been no announcements about an iOS version coming out anytime soon.

The feature is rolling out to all users running the latest version of the Opera beta app on Android. Opera has warned users that performance may not be optimal when using the VPN as data being re-routed can slow down browsing speeds. Alejandro Viquez from Opera revealed that the new feature: “is a no-log service, which means that we will not collect any information that travels through the network servers. This will keep your private data protected from intruders when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Opera VPN Android
Credits: Opera.com

While the older VPN from the company did not require you to use the Opera browser, the move to offer VPN services as an in-browser feature can draw more users. The VPN allows you to set a location manually and prevent your data from being tracked. You can also set it to exclude specific search results.

The feature is still in beta and is fairly limited; there are not too many options available to users when it comes to customization. The app can choose an ‘optimal’ location for you to enable access to websites that may not be available in your region. You can also use the new VPN for private tabs only or disable it when you are using search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, etc. There is merit to letting search engines get access to your data as it would let them offer more relevant and accurate results.

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