Say Goodbye to Opera VPN and Olaf!

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 31, 2021

The Opera VPN app which we all have grown to love will be discontinued as of 30th April 2018 on Android and iOS platforms. According to a post published on their official website, it seems that the company has been acquired by SurfEasy which too is a VPN service provider.

Now, if this makes you wonder whether your existing VPN subscriptions will be carried over to SurfEasy’s offerings, then you have guessed right. According to the post, All Opera Gold users will get a 1-year free subscription to SurfEasy Ultra VPN.

surf easy

Image Courtesy of The Opera blog

The SurfEasy Ultra VPN subscription can be considered as an upgrade to Opera Gold’s service. First of all, SurfEasy Ultra allows its VPN service to extend on up to five devices. It also grants access to over 28 regions and comes with more diverse platform compatibility which includes Android, iOS, as well as Mac, Windows, and even Amazon devices. Privacy is also taken extremely seriously by SurfEasy which is implied from their no-logs policy.

All Opera Gold users can migrate from the latest version of the Opera VPN iOS app. Furthermore, users who are not on the Opera Gold plan, won’t be left hanging. They will receive a discount of 80% for SurfEasy Total VPN service through the latest Android and iOS versions of the Opera VPN app.

The post also includes a small section dedicated to enlightening their users on Surfeasy: “Founded in 2011, SurfEasy consistently hits 99.9% uptime both globally and regionally for all of its users, has a unique ad tracker/blocker, and most importantly does not log browsing or downloading activity like some other VPNs.

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